How can i soothe my kittens nightmares?

Question by geedeth: How can i soothe my kittens nightmares?
ok i have one cat named pepper and she is about 1 year old now. i’ve raised her too by the way so she’s very attached to me. ok here’s the thing. i recently was given a rescued kitten from the street. i named her creme. i was scared at first of bringing her home to my pepper but they got along GREAT! pepper really took the role of the big sister. it seems and creme is happy but sometimes just after she wakes up from a long nap she starts crying hysterically. so i get her and i feed her a tiny bit of milk and she calms down.

is she having nightmares of maybe her earlier life or just anything at all? or is it something else?

how can i help her??? :(
by the way this kitten is very small. she’s possibly only 1-3 months old.
also creme usually sleeps either by herself or next to big sister pepper. just after i feed her a lil bit of milk she curls up next to me and falls asleep once again. cute!

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Answer by Elaine M
We have one who went through trauma who wakes up almost screaming sometimes, and she is very disoriented for those first two minutes. It helps to just go over and put a hand on both of her shoulders so she feels contained but not confined, and talking quietly to her.

I’ve noticed two of our other cats who jerk awake occasionally too, looking around wide eyed (former strays, I have no idea what they lived through), and this works with them as well.

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  1. Bambi says:

    Somehow this kitten is insecure. Kudos to Pepper for making everyone’s life easier. To save a life, I introduced a 4 week old starving male kitten to my 8 year old female who was the big sister from hell, terrorizing the poor little guy. Now he’s the big cat in the house and the 9 year old female is relieved that he’s docile and doesn’t hold a grudge for all the scares she gave him.

    To this day, my “kitten” likes to sleep on some clothing of mine that I wore when I’m not around. I’m guessing it’s because it smells like me. This might help Cream.

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