How can I prevent one kitten from eating her sisters’ food?

Question by Mini K: How can I prevent one kitten from eating her sisters’ food?
I have two kittens, let’s call them Little and Big. Both have been pronounced “slightly chubby” by the vet. I’ve put them on a twice-a-day feeding schedule and have been giving them less food, per the vet’s recommendation. They eat Science Diet Kitten dry and Wellness Kitten wet. My problem is that Little always eats more food and in fact eats Big’s food. This morning, for example, I put out two cans of Wellness wet in separate dishes. Big, who eats less in a setting, ate 1/3 and went away. Little proceeded to eat her entire bowl and then cleaned off Big’s portion. I’m not sure how I can get them each to eat the appropriate amount of food, even if I separate their food stations and leave food out for a set amount of time. I’m worried that if I clear the bowls after a certain amount of time, Big won’t end up eating enough. Help!
Regarding their current food: I’ve been advised to not switch their food until they have reached the one year mark (Little is 5 mos. Big is close to 7). After one year, I do plan to switch to Wellness or Innova dry. Basically the idea is “why switch if it’s working,” in other words, they like it and have no digestive problems. Thank you for the advice so far!

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