How can I help a kitten with very sore eyes?

Question by jkskatz: How can I help a kitten with very sore eyes?
I just brought a 4 wk old kitten in with eyes mattered shut. What is the better way to clean them other than a warm moistened cotton ball?

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Answer by Georgina Corbett
Take it back.. Its way to young to be away from its mother!

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  1. J Johan says:

    Salt water tends to be a bit too drying on the soft skin and eye of cats/kittens. I learned from a breeder to use cold weak tea, dip the cotton pads in the tea and gently pat onto the eye. Mop up any excess tea around the eye with another cotton pad.

    Tea is a very gentle astringent which is fantastic for sore eyes (apparently it’s also good for people’s eyes)

    It won’t dry the kittens eye and will sooth and help fight the infection.

    We use it whenever our Persian’s eyes get a little red and it is a huge help.

    -Johan d

  2. Diddy says:

    4 weeks is way to young for a cat to be away from its mom most kittens are still nursing. you should go to a pet store and get some kitten formula they cant drink cow milk they also have eye wipes to help clean off around the eyes and maybe even eyes drops to clean in to eyes but i would call a vet

  3. NaziLaiton1511 says:

    The only very good pet is really a dead feline

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