How Can i get my 4 month old black calico kitten who is litter trained to stop urinating everywere?

Question by David S: How Can i get my 4 month old black calico kitten who is litter trained to stop urinating everywere?
My kitten is litter trained and the litter box is easily located for her, but she seems to like to go on paper, or on clean clothes. The litter box is cleaned daily also.

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Answer by kal_el’s_love
Does her litter box have a lid on it? I had a stubborn kitten myself and when I took the lid off her box she stopped urinating anywhere but in her box.

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  1. Audrey A says:

    Urinating outside the litter box is usually attributed to two things. The cat doesn’t like where the litter box is placed, the kind of litter, or its cleanliness. Or, it has a health problem such as a urinary tract infection. Take her to the vet and get her checked out to rule out any health problems, then you can address any other issues.

  2. andy t says:



  3. skye_blue_05 says:

    You could try getting her spayed. That has worked for cat’s of mine before. I’ve got one though, that goes through phases of going on dirty clothes. She usually does it during high stress times, i.e. when I move to a new house or we have company for a while.

    So, consider what’s going on in your environment first and fore most. Then, if that’s not a factor, take her to the vet just in case.

  4. Violet c says:

    You must take her to the vet immediately. This is usually the sign of something wrong, like her kidneys or bladder.
    P.S. there is no such thing as a black calico. Either the kitten in black or its a calico (white/orange/black)

  5. hotdogseeksbun says:

    Try a different box and type of cat litter. Also try a different location for the box.
    Don’t leave papers and clothes laying around,it will encourage not using the box.
    My .02

  6. chica_bonita912 says:

    I think the litter may be uncomfortable for her to walk on. Consider a finer textured litter. If she is declawed that may be the reason why she doesn’t go in the litter box. I’ve heard of cats at shelters who dont get adopted because in a lot of cases declawed cats wont go in the litter box because the litter hurts their paws.

  7. Zephyron says:

    Our little kitten had a similiar problem which we have solved (for the most part) in this way:

    watch her so you know when she is about to pee where she isnt supposed to. Pick her up before she can do it and put her in the litter box. If you see her using the litter box, pet her and love her up alot when she comes out (obviously you shouldnt interfere when she is in there!) . Give her a super tasty treat (we used can tuna) and just give her whatever reward she responds to.
    After a few instances of this we noticed a big improvement in her behavior. This positive reinforcement solved her peeing problem almost completely. (she will still pee where she is not supposed to on occasion, but I think this is true for most cats and she uses the litter box normally now)

  8. Tiyara H says:

    u hav to ceep on showing him the litter box until he/or she will start taking himself /or herself there

  9. Auntie Barbara says:

    This similiar thing happened to our State Hospital cat…Beebe by any other name. When he was just a baby and new to our family years ago he would pee everywhere and anywhere. This is because he was a feral kitty and didn’t have a mom to teach him how to use the litter box. I bought some citronella and cedar fragrance essences…you can buy them in the health food stores/markets. I put 1 cup of plain water into a sprayer and added 7 drops of each essence to the water. I sprayed everywhere where State Hospital peed and everywhere I thought he MIGHT pee. The citronella and cedar repel cats. So State Hospital avoided anywhere that smelled like the essences.

    Step 2: Everytime we would catch State Hospital starting to pee anywhere, we would quickly lift him and place him directly into his cat litter box. We would firmly but not too loudly say, “Here!” It took about 2 weeks of the spraying of the essences and placing State Hospital into the litter box and saying, “Here!” and he was trained.

    You might try this with you little kitty. Give her lots of love and attention and tell her she is wonderful. Maybe she feels sad or is depressed. Often cats will pee everywhere if they are angry, sad or depressed.

    Good luck! Soon she will NEVER go anywhere to the potty BUT the litter box!

  10. KitKat says:

    If your kitten is using the litter box as well as urinating outside the box this could be due to several things. It could be the kitten doesn’t like the type of litter your using, it doesn’t like the lid on the box, or it could be a sign of a urinary tract infection.

    If your kitten likes to go on paper there is a litter made from recycled paper, try that.

    Obviously try to keep paper and clothes and anything else your kitten likes to pee on out of its reach. If it happens in a certain area try putting another litter box in that area.

    When you catch your kitten urinating outside of the box pick it up and put it in the box. Do not rub your kitten’s nose in the mess as this will condition the kitten to use that area as its permanate toilet.

    Just because you’ve cleaned any flooring or clothes well doesn’t mean that your kitten still can’t smell the urine (which will attract it to urinate there again). Make sure to clean very well and then follow up with a pet cleaner or pet deodorizer or some Natures Miracle.

    If none of these things work take your kitten to the vet to rule out infections.

  11. cat lover says:

    At four months, she could be spayed, assuming your vet has done it on young cats. Then, you could ask about any medical problem at the same time. A medical problem is often a reason they start to go outside the box. However, as an aid, I have posted a link about litter box problems that might provide some guidance.

    Cats are normally very fastidious, so inappropriate urination is often a signal. You also need to thoroughly clean the spots, and probably use either dilute vinegar or an enzyme solution, or she will return to the scene of her ‘crime’.

    Some cats cannot resist ‘annointing’ papers that are laying around. Often they do just a squirt. If that is happening, then you need to make sure she doesn’t have access to those items, by removing or covering them. If it is like a desk, then puppy training pads will protect the papers.

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