High Five, Half Pint (from the H Litter) – 05.30.10

Sirocco’s baby, Half Pint, from the “H” litter ‘speaks” (or is it a squeak), she also does the ‘high five” — 5 week old adorable shaded golden Persian kitten. Mythicbells Persians (www.mythicbells.com) — presenting and shamelessly showing off the cutest and sweetest doll faced Persian cats and kittens in the known universe. You can expect a deluge of kitten videos when we have a litter of kittens in house in a hopeless attempt to catch each and every cute moment on video. I have cameras stationed all over the house *just in case!* Be sure and subscribe so you don’t miss any of their antics (or mine as I attempt to keep up with them).

9 Responses to “High Five, Half Pint (from the H Litter) – 05.30.10”

  1. randomvideostutorial says:

    It’s a Persian cat

  2. BartenderMix says:

    what type of cat is that?

  3. BartenderMix says:


  4. paeeze5 says:

    how much are this kittys ? i whant one…!!!

  5. covergirl6464 says:

    she is a very sweet kitten, u gottoa luv them.

  6. scottgilesmusic says:

    Cute baby! And the timing of everything in the video is great. Oh, and that cute little chirping sound.

  7. Dan7Bow says:

    “Chirp.” “What. Speak to me, Half Pint!” “Meep.” I nearly died. She’s really growing into her fur.

  8. MyGoldenJewel says:

    Oh my what a talented group of kitties you have! Half Pint is just gorgeous—Gecko and Half Pint….if only I lived near you, I’d be over at your house day and night just to be all around that cuteness!

  9. jmheizer says:

    what a sweetheart! ♥

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