Help with my kitten, I need advice?

Question by : Help with my kitten, I need advice?
Shes a big trouble maker, and I need to make the decision now, there was a beautiful kitten who was very calm, should I return my kitten for the very calm kitten, or should I try and keep my shaky scared cat who claws everyone, and shes cute, but Id really love a cat I am not afraid of, but she isn’t a bad cat, and I don’t wanna bring her to that awfully small pet store cage again…

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Answer by Ellie
In my opinion I think you should keep the cat you currently have, by buying it you pretty much agreed to keep it and care for it, you can make them calmer by playing with them less, i have a cat like this and I kept him. But it is your decision obviously.

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  1. Tina S says:

    It takes time for kittens and Cats to adjust to a new home. You took on the responsibility to own a kitten now be patient with her, give her lots of love and a safe home. She will come around when she is ready.

  2. poppycorn says:

    I don’t think you should loose hope yet. She still a baby, and has time to grow into a mature cat. I’ve had a great experience training my 8 month old kitten, Vinny, by telling him “no” and “bad” constantly. To start the process, tell her “no” or “bad” and tap her on the nose, or lock her up in a room for ten minutes. She will understand that you don’t like what she’s doing. Also, when she does bad things, don’t pet her for a little while afterward. She will know that you are upset.

    Good luck!

  3. T Man says:

    All kittens are hyper and troublemakers. Throughout their age they calm down.

  4. Whortleberry says:

    How about…going back and getting the other kitty — too? That way the two will have each other for friends and playmates. Yes, kitty #1 may fuss at the new kitty for a while, but if there is a problem, take a look at, as they have a good article on “How to Introduce the New Kitten to Your Cat.”

  5. FarerKittensAcer says:

    The good news, you will not excursion in excess of ones feline at midnight

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