Help litter box training my kitten?

Question by hillary e: Help litter box training my kitten?
He is five weeks old, and I just got him from my aunts house and she told me that they haven’t started litter box training them yet, but Ive showed him where to go, and he still goes everywhere but where hes supposed to. Is he too young, will it take a couple of days? I need to know cuz i don’t want my blankets soiled beyond use.

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Answer by R P Cat
First the kitten is too young to be away from its mother. Kittens should not leave the mom till they are at the youngest 8 weeks old better even after they are 10 weeks old. The mom teaches them to use the litter box. What you can do is if you find a puddle or a pile put it in the litter box and show him where it is. Making sure you clean the spot he used really good.


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  1. Prime Cuts says:

    You have to watch him and put him in there when you catch him starting to pee. Usually cats will seek out a litterbox because they like a dry, sandy place to pee.

  2. Sammy says:

    What the previous response said – next time he poops on the floor pick up the poop and put it in the litter box. Then pick him up and put him in the box and show him where his poop is – make sure he sniffs it. You’ll just have to try to catch him in the act and carry him to the box… he’ll make the associate eventually. Make sure your litter boxes aren’t in a heavy traffic zone or near any loud appliances, etc. Don’t want him to be scared to go to the box.

    Edit: Also, you might try closing him in a bathroom or small room with the litter box on one end and his food/water on the other. Cats don’t like to poop where their food is… Check on him every hour or so and when he poops in the box let him out of the room for some supervised playtime and then put him back in until he goes again. Hopefully he should catch on pretty quick since he is young.

  3. spikey d says:

    check youtube also

  4. Sandra says:

    Find the proper location for the litter pan. Kittens tend to hide behind furniture when they have to go potty. Putting a litter pan behind the entertainment center is not a good idea but watching the kitten when he runs toward the furniture is

    Remove any large potted plants from your home. Kittens instinctively bury their waste so it’s important that the litter box be the only place in the house where they can do this.

    Put the litter pan in a location convenient and close to where the kitten will be spending most of his time. It can always be moved closer to your ideal location as the kitten grows.

    When you first bring your kitten home, take him to the litter pan and gently put him in it. He may sniff around a bit, he may just start digging right in! If he does not dig in on his own, you need to gently take his little front paws and show him the ‘digging’ motion for a few strokes. He should catch on right away and dig a little. Some kittens will understand the purpose of the litter box immediately and require no additional litter training. Others will need to be placed in the litter box as many as ten times a day before they figure it out.

    Keep an eye on him. Just like a toddler, a kitten shows signs of needing to use the potty. Kittens tend to cry and run urgently towards a hiding spot. The trick is to gently coax the kitten to or place the kitten in the litter pan. Keep in mind, kittens like adult cats, like a little privacy so if you step aside a bit while watching to make sure he uses the pan he will train easier.

    Note: If your kitten does go potty behind a piece of furniture or in a corner in the living room the first thing to do is not get upset. Remember the kitten is just learning. Simply take your kitten to the accident spot and let him have a sniff-do not rub his nose in it. After he has had a little sniff, take him to the litter pan and dig his little paws in the clay.

    Keep the litter pan very clean. You will have to scoop the litter pan daily. Using small fold over baggies at first and graduate to gallon size bags or the plastic bags you bring your groceries home in. Simply use the scooper and scoop up the soiled area and put it into the baggie. Tie it off and throw it away. A couple times a month you will need to completely dump the contents of the litter pan, wash it with a safe cleaning product like cleanser, rinse well and use paper toweling to dry it completely then refill it.

    Good Luck!

  5. CatstaintaMiaAnn1482 says:

    Ive heard this kind of track before. It is a really cute movie. Family will always be there for you.

  6. DavKittensAbbi1473 says:

    hahah such a cutie!? and that tail is just too much

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