Has anyone fed their cat Purina Kit n Kaboodle and has their cat had any health issues from eating it?

Question by Simone_51010: Has anyone fed their cat Purina Kit n Kaboodle and has their cat had any health issues from eating it?
When I got my kitten she was already on this. I have kept her on it and she has no problems. I did once try to transition her to Purina Kitten Chow and I did the transition slowly. I never got to the point where she could eat it 100% because she had diarrhea from it. I put her back on Kit n Kaboodle and she has been better since. She has been checked by the vet, has had her shots, and has been spayed. I brush her daily and the slicker brush picks up a lot of hair. I am thinking of switching her to Wellness as soon as I can afford to as I have heard Kit n Kaboodle can cause renal failure. I also am thinking of giving her some wet food in addition. Not sure how that will go. Hope it does not give her diarrhea. I also hope the canned will not make her gain a lot of weight. She is 8 1/2 months and weighs 8 lbs.

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Answer by venshore
Wellness is excellent and the cat will love the taste but it is expensive. I use Natural UltraMix for my dog but think they have this brand for cats too. It is a holistic mix that contains berries, fruit and no corn, soy, wheat or by products. So just look at the food you have does it contain corn, wheat, by products, ETC then you want to get a new food asap. Store treats cause dogs to have the runs and also people food.

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  1. Zena says:

    Kit n Kaboodle is a low quality food because it’s mostly made of corn and fillers that really aren’t good for a cat. I would definitely transition to Wellness CORE if you can. It’s one of the best foods you can get. Both of my cats are on it and they really don’t shed. Their fur is shiny and healthy. You can add a little wet food here and there too. Wellness is expensive, but I think it’s well worth it. Just transition very very slowly.

  2. cm30324 says:

    If your switching it would be best to swiotch to an all canned food.
    Diet is the brick and mortar of health. This web page lays out some often-ignored principles of feline nutrition and explains why cats have a better chance at optimal health if they are fed a canned food diet instead of dry kibble. Putting a little thought into what you feed your cat(s) can pay big dividends over their lifetime and very possibly help them avoid serious, painful, and costly illnesses. An increasing number of American Veterinary Medical Association members, including board-certified veterinary internists, are now strongly recommending the feeding of canned food instead of dry kibble.

    The three key negative issues associated with dry food are:

    1) type of protein – too high in plant-based versus animal-based proteins

    2) carbohydrate load is too high

    3) water content is too low

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