Happy Birthday Party Girl

Dec, Jan and Feb has always been a busy time for us filled with parties, holidays and celebrations. Happy Birthday Krystal (4 years old). Thanks to Aunt Joyce and Uncle Rons family, Aunt Sharon and Uncle Nelsons family, cousin Kristina, Hannah, Isabelle, Meloday and grandma for the wonderful birthday gifts. We will always treasure these memories and Thank you for allowing us to share them with you :)
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Have a Wonderful Day, from Your Precious Ones! A collection of pictures of wonderfully cute, adorable, precious babies and pets from the Internet. The background song is titled “Morning Has Broken” by Angelis. I hope you enjoy these pictures! Please rate and comment. Thank you :-)

28 Responses to “Happy Birthday Party Girl”

  1. AirborneSoviet says:

    Yes I knew it!

  2. lukygirl314 says:

    you know it :) 

  3. AirborneSoviet says:

    Was the bladium in this vid?

  4. lukygirl314 says:

    I miss your video’s too :)

  5. lukygirl314 says:

    Just right around the corner :)

  6. loveex19 says:

    ilove 2:42

  7. lukygirl314 says:

    lol… yes she does :)

  8. lukygirl314 says:

    Thank you, that is so sweet of you to say so :) That’s cool you know chinese too.

  9. finch6789 says:

    there’s nothing sweeter than two sisters who love each other. These pictures make me weepy. I can’t believe she’s 4.. my gosh, where do our babies go? Happy Birthday !

  10. RulerOFWorlds says:

    She’s 4 now?!?! Oh my gosh! Time goes by quickly…next thing I’ll know you’ll have a vid of her turning 16!

  11. miscastob says:

    Your girls have grown so much!
    Happy Belated Birthday to Krystal and Happy Chinese New Year!

  12. suetkwancheng says:

    happy volentine’s day^^

  13. Mzbeez says:

    Lol I see Krystal is turning into a real Asian super star with the V fingers haha. It’s cute. And Katelyn has such big eyes! :D I’ve been missing you all but I guess it’s been busy. Happy Birthday to Krystal!

  14. Wacousta says:

    I see that Krystal acts like a true Asian girl by rocking the “V” sign at all times! =)

  15. woohooitzlily says:

    Glad you guys are doing well! Gung hay fat choy! =) I don’t get as many red envelopes anymore as I’m getting older hahah.

    Is that MCDULL when they’re jumping on the bed?!?! ahhh he’s so cute!

  16. RuaGreenwood says:

    ~*~ Happy 4th Birthday Krystal ~*~
    Krystal & Katelyn are getting cuter every time I see them. You & Your family are truly blessed. ^_^ \//

  17. rainbowcookie0 says:

    ohhmiigawsgh your kid has the same birthday as i do
    happy birthday to her :P

  18. ruxyruxforever says:

    Happy Birthday Krystal!!!

  19. DukeVega says:


    I’ve been waiting for a video from you for so long.

  20. joonox25 says:

    Thanks very much, Biff.

  21. csideparknj says:

    who wouldnt love cute puppys and kitties…… nice gil.

  22. joonox25 says:

    Hi! Thank you for watching :-) 

  23. joonox25 says:

    Thanks for watching!

  24. 09victoryrc says:

    Love it !

  25. joonox25 says:

    Thanks :-)

  26. jazevox says:

    nicely done

  27. joonox25 says:

    Thank you, Patrick.

  28. MrFrozenCanuck says:

    Very nice.

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