Guys and girls: Low kitten heels, or high black heels?

Question by crazyangel1768: Guys and girls: Low kitten heels, or high black heels?
Going clubbing tonight. I have these kitten heels that are cute (kitten heels are half an inch) tall, so not really tall but not flat either. Im debating on weather i should go higher with like 2 inch heels or so or 3 inch. Only thing im thinking about is 1. more money i have to put out 2. less comfortable and also 3. not as comfortable dancing but suposedly , guys like higher heels? Can you guys give me insight? Thanks.

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Answer by rosiehaye
if you alreasy have nice shoes just wear the kitten heels cos they still have the same affect on how nice ur legs look as higher heel but in my experience guys prefer higher heels

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  1. lysssss says:

    uhh i think 2 inches… they arnt that confortable but make your legs look long and skinnyy =]

  2. blondie61388 says:

    If you’re going to be doing alot of dancing I would definitely stick with the kitten heels, because you don’t want to end up looking stupid or tripping while trying to dance. Kitten heels are cute and alot easier to balance in, and guys really really do not care what kind of shoes you are wearing, ecspecially the inch of your heel!

  3. rosezz50 says:

    Wear what you feel is more comfortable for you. I prefer a higher heel because it makes you look good. I hate the way how those lower, or kitten heels, look because they are so low… you might as well wear flats. However, wear what you feel is going to be more comfortable.

  4. theartisticsoulinfo says:

    go with the shortest but cutest. If your going clubbing then you dont want to wear uncomfortable shoes that will get in your way!

  5. BotsMaster says:

    I’ve got a fetish and are really picky about shoes. Probably more than the average guy. Personally i think kitten heels are a lame, and 2-3 inches is pretty low. What i think is statistically insignificant though. People have different taste.

    Wear what you think is cool. If you pull some guy because you’re a certain way at the time, and are not going to be comfortable being that way on a long term basis, then you’re not going to be having a long relationship or whatever. If you’re happiest wearing crocs wear crocs and the guys that like crocs will find you. (If they exist)

  6. Yup says:

    Go with the kitten heels unless they look hideous with the outfit. Your feet will thank you.

  7. designer_john says:

    Defenitly black high heels! They are always sexier and always in fashion!!!!
    J x

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