Great Dane babysits 1 week old Kitten

Olliver, the great dane, is helping out at the Rainbow Wildlife Rescue. This little kitten was stuck in a tractor engine. Once rescued we decided to name her Tractor Tracy!

25 Responses to “Great Dane babysits 1 week old Kitten”

  1. tinat30135 says:

    Tractor Tracy: “Can you just tell me where the milk is? That’s all, just the milk…”

  2. Jessica14152 says:

    I have a soon to be 1 year old great dane (Her birthday is April 15) and we have 4 other dogs a hound mix and 3 min pins and she so gentle (except when we come home she steps on them so we have to save them then give them and penny love lol), are dogs are sweet but shes the sweetest and gets the most exited when we come home.

  3. Misterprecise says:

    That dog doesn’t know its own strength hehe

  4. lassdownthelane says:

    haha my great dane is like this she is very dopey but loving that’s why she has a dalmation boy friend All though she is 9 she still acts like she is 2 ,

  5. xickin says:

    The kitties like “The fuck is going on here?!”

  6. 8804Ivan says:

    mmmmmmmmmmmmm yummy this kitty looks yummy but someone is watching my ill just c if it tastse good

  7. mrjake1234able says:

    i dont think he/she is shure if they should eat cat?

  8. MyHeartWobblesForYou says:

    It depends on how it was raised.

  9. 60sisthashit says:

    Love how the big dogs are great with other animals.

  10. jackie515324 says:


  11. tofui91025 says:

    This is late but I was reading the comments. Also when you buy a dog from a pet store, you are supporting the puppy mill business which is absolutely horrifying. When you adopt, you save lives, but you also support a good cause and give one less reason to support a bad one.

  12. femail63011 says:

    Another thing to consider when you get a dog is lifespan. When I was a kid we had a st. bernard and she died of old age when she was 7. Sometimes smaller dogs have longer lifespans, and the horrible pain of losing something you love doesn’t happen as fast. I don’t mean to be down, but I think yoiu should think about it.

  13. briti424 says:

    As someone who works at an emergency vet clinic, I can tell you…no matter the age of the child and no matter the age of the dog, they should NEVER be left alone together. We’ve seen many hurt animals and heard stories of too many hurt children. I have a great dane. She’s marrrvelous with my best friend’s small children, but I would never dream of leaving them unsupervised. We have seen pocket danes, like my girl and I’ve been snapped at over the counter by danes. Just depends.

  14. Emzilla1597 says:

    a good family dog is a chesepeake bay retriever. they’re great with kids, and my current one is super gentle.

  15. xxgeekluvngeekxx says:


  16. MissDolittle says:

    To save a life. Most shelters are kill shelters and euthanize 5 million dogs and cats every year in the US. Large dogs usually go first because they are high maintenance. In most cases the bond is stronger between owner and dog because you know every day that you did a good thing by saving that dog’s life. For the price of one dog from a breeder you could save at least 5 dogs from getting killed at a dog pound.

  17. airbeyonder18 says:

    Interesting. Why Adopt?

  18. MissDolittle says:

    I don’t think age matters as much as the lifestyle. Are you going to live in an apartment or a house? Will you be gone all day at work? Will you be able to pay for the enormous amounts of vet bills and food bills? Those are the tough ones. Danes don’t do well alone all day and the bigger the dog, the bigger the damage when neurosis and separation anxiety starts to turn up. Research the breed, find out their needs and priorities and match it with your lifestyle. Adopt, don’t buy!

  19. airbeyonder18 says:

    @MissDolittle: I’m 19. I am a huge dog lover and have been in love with great danes for a long time. I want to get one when I eventually move out. At what age, do you think, is the proper time to get a dog? Especially one that is a great dane.

  20. minorians says:

    great danes are actually very laid back and gentle breeds in general. lap/shepard/husky area all very high energy dogs that can react very quickly

  21. MissDolittle says:

    As with every breed, there are “good” ones and there are “bad” ones. For the safety of the child I would go with logic: “the bigger the dog, the bigger the damage”.

  22. zombieholic says:

    How are Great Danes around Children? especially 2yr olds 1yr olds and a new born?? I’m asking cause we had a dog that was a lab,shepard,husky cross he was an older dog and he bit the 2yr old in the face she had to get stitches.

  23. Litago2330 says:

    Gentel Giant =)

  24. ahenmaxtae says:

    kitten: ARGH A GIANT NOSE

  25. FruittisMaris says:

    this is awesome!! thanks for sharing this beautiful moment!!

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