Getting Your Runescape Cat

ok totally pritty good if i say so myself,keep in note in order for your cat to grow it must be followign u at all times…meaning no keeping it in your inventury or in your bank or it will not grow!
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32 Responses to “Getting Your Runescape Cat”

  1. introxxable says:

    keep up with the vids (:
    subscribed and added(:

  2. gilbert4321 says:

    wow i’m to poor to do that quest 100gp!!! has jagex gone mad or something

  3. Berzerkerblazify says:

    Nice guide;)

  4. FISHEYYYYYY says:

    You sound liek your getting raped im cereal

  5. hhhllkk88 says:

    what is this shit

  6. 99strenght says:

    cool i see you like some basshunter :p

  7. norrrik says:

    your awseme

  8. x00xcarusox00x says:

    this vid kept freezing for me wtf

  9. rawkryan12 says:

    nice music choice…not!

  10. gunnerz456 says:

    ugly girl

  11. linkLoverAG says:


  12. Shades302 says:

    your welcome ^^ and thanks :)

  13. Billy200909 says:

    thankyou 5 stars cant dis the music AND the vid

  14. ppkerbestserver says:

    you have a cute voice

  15. dragonwen5 says:

    thank you

  16. dragonwen5 says:

    thank you 5 stars yo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Shades302 says:

    why yes,yes it is :P

  18. Ninjaxgirlx says:

    Is this um.. Members only..?

  19. fatftd999 says:

    btw ty and now my cat is 100% grown and its purple =p

  20. Shades302 says:

    well if your asking about halloween quest to make it purple then u must go to the halloween event and talk to wendy. if your asking about the cats i has who are like all different colors they are all different cats :]

  21. fatftd999 says:

    how do u colour ur cat plz tell me!!

  22. Shades302 says:

    they any fish,cooked or raw :]

  23. tomuxssxs says:

    ummm what do cats eat plyz answer?

  24. Shades302 says:

    thank you :]

  25. fpsHacker5950 says:

    i didnt need this vid because i already did this quest but it would realy help someone else god good job!5/5!

  26. KittensleJuliusz1688 says:

    There are heard this specific song previous to. This is a definitely adorable video. Family can be right now there for you personally.

  27. DenyseygmaDenyse says:

    our cat additionally wants to chew on points

  28. Ginoestr1556 says:

    Ive noticed this particular melody before. This can be a actually adorable video clip. Family will always be at this time there in your case.

  29. KittensStargal says:

    it is advisable to maintain that will pet in as being a house pet

  30. Alaya950 says:

    I notice a large amount of the particular woods all-around our entrance currently have scratch markings

  31. SosaAmanda441 says:

    stunning newborn I’ve got a single, Sweetpea, who loves to ascend in order to substantial sites also

  32. Rodneyde says:

    I believe “Goth Doink.” will likely be our new fictional band identify

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