FunnyFuse Faves: Sparky Slides the Pole

Black and white cat comes down from a basketball hoop.

9 Responses to “FunnyFuse Faves: Sparky Slides the Pole”

  1. Taumee412 says:

    How the fuck did he get there?

  2. intergalactic99spits says:

    yup i just laughed my face off when i seen it then i watched it here

  3. Bumblebee151991 says:


  4. mrsjustinbieber839 says:

    THAT WAS AMAZING!!!!!!!<3

  5. FairNskware says:

    That is amazing but how did Sparky get up that pole in the first place?

  6. canadianzombie says:

    Was this on AFV

  7. ShadowPoet174 says:

    Highly amusing. Glad he’s OK!

  8. PLSheffield says:

    How the hell did he get up there?

  9. LemonPieLoL says:


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