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25 Responses to “FUNNY KITTY”

  1. SuperLyricChick says:

    Do the Cabage Patch

  2. penguinsrcute36 says:

    Do u want some chipotle, Nylah?
    Nods head.

  3. MrHardy457 says:


  4. Natalie Martinez says:


  5. IceSiberiya says:


  6. applegeek123100 says:

    Why dont u take nylah on a wawa run??

  7. 97neonlights says:

    @sxkarim11 no it’s a song called niggas in paris

  8. RaiderXD1789001 says:

    Do the hidden items for fun!!! Cuz they awesome! SAAAN!

  9. Clazzy8 says:

    do the humpty dump

  10. Tr3zway24 says:

    My dads gettn potle ???!!! Haja

  11. sxkarim11 says:

    Soulja boy?

  12. Trollingyouforlife says:

    If you look and listen properly, Jessie is doing Nylahs voice at 1:16

  13. DBMHTECH says:

    Jeanas not a good gangster cat

  14. UsNavySeal994 says:

    3:00 you cleanin that up

  15. TheIvan009 says:

    running man 

  16. originalbabyobama says:

    Dare you speak such treason?!?!?!?

  17. catciley123 says:

    My kitty does that

  18. LuhluhluhLIA says:

    The Charleston!

  19. King Sarcasm says:

    I don’t know if y’all have Barberitos up there, but it is WAY better than Chipotle. Try it. You won’t be disappointed.

  20. wolfarmy2525 says:

    I thought you were gonna hav Nylah do the wu tang

  21. raphael EX MACHINA says:

    look at nylahs eyes 6:56

  22. raphael EX MACHINA says:


  23. jojozbludevilz says:

    Funniest voice over eva! Good job Jeana that shit was hilarious!

  24. luckyshot5 says:

    for those wondering what’s jeena’s job.. she’s a nurse

  25. poopstick786 says:

    keep pressing 8 for cuteness

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