funny cats part 25

caturday once again
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My son and I made a condo for our cat. The video shows the supplies, tools, and pictures of how we made the condo.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

39 Responses to “funny cats part 25”

  1. nazizombiekiller01 says:

    Soooooo funny

  2. FlappingBonce says:

    Oh god. If I tried going near my cat with the hoover, she would slaughter me!!!

  3. FlappingBonce says:

    oh god. If i tried going near my cat with you hoover, she would slaughter me!!!

  4. Catzaregorgous says:

    why does that grey cat keep appearing? Strange thing is, he likes being sucked by a vacuum cleaner.

  5. Clemus12pwns says:

    lol i always thought cats were the funniest

  6. Sweasy26 says:

    Good video!

  7. ihottie15 says:

    u iz gotz HALARIOSITY!!!

  8. theworldisours123 says:

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  9. Eddyisthebestamazing says:


  10. Zdragow says:

    you never cease to make miz funneez laffs

  11. rhema14 says:


  12. elvisplayerrunescape says:

    hey i have a pretty funny pic of my cat warin sunglassses if u wan that just tell me kayz :) (btw happy caturday)

  13. XFatesAdversaryX says:


  14. brilsmoel says:

    Happy caturyear 2009!

  15. GorutyBlandfov says:

    Good Caturday part! 5/5

  16. judahiam says:

    my cat sesa loved it thanks!

  17. 3902887 says:


  18. CodiTheJedi says:

    Thanks for this! I’m going to build this one for my kitten while its doing all this sleeping on my bed! Very organized.

  19. uwcref says:

    how much did that cost to build i dont wanna buy an exspensive one when i could probably build one for cheaper and better

  20. Raymond Messercola says:

    @talltallone Good job for what you say all that matters is being with a fother and son then just buying it more fun and love between them good job

  21. Raymond Messercola says:

    Thanks a made it and added more stuff to it thanks

  22. stevenstrombone says:

    This isnt a video

  23. pierangler says:

    I used some small metal brackets that I had in my garage.

  24. fawnjerome says:

    how did you attach the triangle pieces to the poles?

  25. amadej01 says:


  26. newhale07 says:

    My husband I I were just looking at a house like that and wanted to know how to do it ourselfs so thank you so much but I wish it was a video so you could give more detail

  27. jesonnek26 says:

    thank u so much for posting this! we have been looking for a decent cat tower but there so expensive that we cant afford to buy one. we wanted to build one so i did some looking and found this. i love that u listed everything needed and what to buy. thanx again my baby makes me so happy it will be nice to return the favor. he will be so happy when ours is done.

  28. Adam Smith says:

    That’s a cool video, and I thought about making one myself, but then I saw a few 74 inchers on Amazon for like around $100 with free shipping….lol. I mean DIY is cool, but there has to be extreme savings for me to do it. That’s why I stopped doing my own oil: too much time, not enough savings. I do build my own computers, though. I save about 40% off retail doing that.

  29. MrStu1966 says:

    awesome job – thank you.

  30. MrFury4 says:

    And I already have alot of carpet like I think exacly enough for this and staple guns with staples so can you see how much the wood will cost

  31. MrFury4 says:

    wow im only 11 and I need way more money let see how much I have…..ok…ok I only have 0 $ nad plus now my bro is getting a house and they are going to home depot like once a day so if they get done im done too

  32. ncjhvsdfiyge says:

    alright thanks im gonna try this my self after a get a new staple gun

  33. pierangler says:

    I bought the carpet at a Home Depot for $7.99. It was a 6 foot X 9 foot piece of carpet.

  34. ncjhvsdfiyge says:

    how much was that roll of carpet and the length

  35. TheCocotoo says:

    @mikeyd594 It’s like an apartment but instead of renting it you own it completely. You can ask your parents about what you don’t understand, but I think I was pretty clear. Hope I helped! :)

  36. mikeyd594 says:

    whats a condo? im 10 so i dont know.

  37. tayanders says:

    Nice one

  38. SamediaMarketing says:

    Come see us if you want the plans on how to build a cat tree

  39. glockster68 says:

    nice cat house

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