Funny Animal Pictures of Dogs, Cats, and More #4 CUTE!

4th one of the series of funny animal videos and since the music on the last one wasn’t any good, I finally got something worth hearing (hopefully). Enjoy! *No copyright infringement intended* ***EDIT: WOW, thanks so much for over 10000 views! I love you all =)***

31 Responses to “Funny Animal Pictures of Dogs, Cats, and More #4 CUTE!”

  1. meggsmissymilo1 says:

    you know the saying ,a dog has a master a cat has a servant

  2. bighuskydog says:


  3. etricd says:

    lol 1:33 so wrong

  4. 78Puppylover says:

    omg 2 cute!!!!!!!!!!

  5. LuckyLittleTurle says:


  6. jamierock123 says:

    nahh cute

  7. xXRubyred245Xx says:

    1.36 :( thats so sad :’(

  8. hamstergirl01 says:

    tooooo cute looove it

  9. MrJellyrolls24 says:

    do you like animals and pokemon?

  10. shinysuicune says:

    @StopTheWar2601 Summertime – New Kids On the Block

  11. StopTheWar2601 says:

    Name of the song please ?

  12. freilieu89 says:

    cutest one was the kitten petting the duckling!

  13. shorty235z says:

    Oh no!! Did those baby ducks really fall through that floor grate? :(

  14. alexwalsh123456 says:

    my favorite is the camoflauge cat on the dog! XD lol

  15. cookie1749 says:

    Thats it I’m subscribing this is so CUTE

  16. ludymoon says:


  17. thorshammer1497 says:

    this was funny

  18. thorshammer1497 says:

    this was funny

  19. Samiosamio111 says:

    Sorry couch is full lmfao

  20. ghostwhisper5 says:

    haha this is cute

  21. JackoLuver999 says:

    SOOO cute!!!! I luved wen de woman was petting the chiks and de mom was stealing de money! lol lol lol lol

  22. LiseDokka says:

    I love you, Food ! Love it <33

  23. HelpDogTrustAndRSPCA says:

    I dunno if anyone is listenin’ or even cares but… u have no idea how much animal cruelty is goin on here! (not in this video!!! in the world i mean) seriously!! look up the videos…if u can bear to watch…they r horrible!

  24. aprilsgirl1 says:

    that wuzz pritty good

  25. Annaliselovescupcake says:

    Aww funny animal pictures more like cute animal picture(in al mean this is not a mean/bad comment)<——-READ PLEASE!!

  26. Angelic2033Kittens says:

    You actually wouldn’t like to accomplish this when you have large striped cats and kittens because it is likely some sort of adding to source of bloat.

  27. NeoRaeann1669 says:

    outdoor pet cats acquire filthy as well as lug inside dead animals

  28. IcyKittensKourtney137 says:

    I cannot wait to try out the spray jar! ponder if they is acceptable upon puppies…

  29. KittenstaAbidah says:

    my own cat Belly favors eating started considering that they scoops food out of your bowl together with his paw and still produces a mess

  30. Catskist says:

    My own future kitty is a glow in the dark kitty

  31. CarlyRedCarly says:

    my kitten Boffin likes consuming off the floor since he scoops food out of your jar along with his paw nevertheless creates a clutter

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