Frida- Animal Coalition of Delaware County

Very pregnant and sick, Frida was rescued from an inner-city shelter. The shelter was only willing to release Frida after they spayed her-which unfortunately meant that Frida never had the chance to be a mom to her babies. However, Frida overcame both the physical and emotional toll of a late-stage spay, and a severe upper respiratory infection and she has blossomed into a very loving and devoted feline friend. She loves to follow her foster mom around, talk to her, sit on her lap and sleep with her. No need to ring the dinner bell, Frida will also let you know when its time to eat! She wants so much to have a furever home and a fresh start to her life-please come check Miss Frida out today!
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Feral cat, Jett, was saved from a bad neighborhood, nursed back to health from an Upper Respiratory Infection, neutered and then released to live in a kind woman’s yard.
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