For the love of cats…

Dedicated to our beloved feline friends, a reminder of just how precious they can be.
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Video Rating: 4 / 5

29 Responses to “For the love of cats…”

  1. TheSnowyBeach says:


  2. BlackWolf0246 says:

    so adorable.

  3. merce0909 says:

    your kitty is so precious!! Kitties are precious!! I also have a black kitty by the name of Mimi :)

  4. lilchrisgeorge says:

    Shorty is so wonderful. You’re both lucky to have each other:)

  5. moralia16 says:

    Your cat is so pretty, adorable, sweet, beautiful, georgious and precious. <3

    I also like you cause you seem to be a very good owner!
    Hope you and your cat are doing great. :)

    In the video Talking cat says “Where arrre you?” when your cat meows, my cat woke up shocked and stared at the computer. So cute. ^^

    Anyways, take good care of the cat and have a great day! :)

  6. Verrie77 says:

    This made me feel so happy :)
    I have 3 cats myself, and I love them so so much!
    Cats are a very underestimated pets….they can give so much that dogs cant. I prefer cats before dogs.
    Your cat is beautiful :)
    Give him / her a cuddle from me :)

  7. zelda1187 says:

    My cat is a Black cat and she always watches Shorty videos with me! Such a sweet kitty!!

  8. datbluehello says:

    how could you not love a face like that.. sweet….

  9. GrapeLola says:

    Beautiful video!

  10. TheKittyheart says:


  11. darkdragonprincesss says:

    your kitty is sooo cute :3

  12. ShortyTheCat2010 says:

    Thank you, yes they can remind us of the simple joys in life.

  13. ShortyTheCat2010 says:

    Thank you, much appreciated

  14. chattigre says:

    Pretty much sharing this with everybody. So unbelievably sweet. She’s very lucky to have someone so loving.

  15. megumi459 says:

    KITTIES >w< *hugs my kitty*

  16. mollysangelique says:


  17. sidneigato1971 says:

    they are very special and deserve love and affection, happiness

  18. catjunky says:

    This video reminds me of how precious and wonderful my life is because it is shared with 3 kitties of my own. Shorty is truly sweet and very loved. Thanks for a great video and I am now a subscriber.

  19. moocw7889 says:


  20. tantantango555 says:

    He is truly loved. Very sweet video.

  21. sylnanu says:

    Great job at capturing the cuteness of Shorty:)

  22. jikkehond says:

    Ohhhhh, how lovely and young Shorty was and now still is at older age. Lots of love for Shorty and staff.
    A nice Valentine evening. In Holland it is over now. ♥♥Jeannette♥♥

  23. Luciaand says:

    wonderful, many kisses

  24. herekitty07 says:

    Happy Valentines day from Gigi and Rocky xoxo

  25. sueishere25 says:

    That is cute overload!! Happy Valentines Day. Thanks for the great video!!!

  26. Amethystar says:

    Well done Whole Foods!

    BTW, I’m 14, too.

  27. 1krabbymom says:

    Hilarious!  Well done!

  28. SuperMorganza says:

    I love this! I especially like Dave in the shopping cart! Great job, ColdTowne Theater!!

  29. KittenserJasleen2081 says:

    we’ve a couple of feral pet cats Musch in addition to Shrimp that have domesticated

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