Fockdaddy – Runescape Real Life Hunter Guide

How to get 99 hunter, irl. I hope you all enjoy and leave all comments below. Tell me what you liked or didn’t like! Thanks alot! I give Chrisarchieprods the right to use this video.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

28 Responses to “Fockdaddy – Runescape Real Life Hunter Guide”

  1. TKlingerProductions says:

    Did you know Silentc0re used this vid? Well, i’m pretty sure it was him.

  2. Ponythe1stTony says:

    You might think these cats are real… NOPE Chuck Testa :D but seriously very nice vid

  3. Whieeeex says:


  4. TyfloPwnzJ00 says:

    You must have membership to use this, either that or have a cat


  5. YeOldeGamer says:

    @Y0Dawg9000 I get more xp catching dogs.

  6. IwillEatu149 says:

    haha! hilarious

  7. Wafflez777vids says:


  8. aperjan100 says:

    your cats must hate you

  9. bcgfb says:


  10. Y0Dawg9000 says:

    @YeOldeGamer Approximatly over 9000b xp an hour.

  11. RcoNNCss says:

    pause at 0:30 trololololo

  12. TehPr0don says:


  13. oxEMILExo says:

    Haha, really nice video, very creative + hilarious. You just got yourself another sub man. Merry Christmas

  14. NoLiferOnBikeCrash says:

    Nice dude :D Finally I get 99 Hunter ^_^

  15. ThePetru333show says:

    Lvl required to catch cats?

  16. Deagleproject says:

    thanks just got 99 hunter :D

  17. YeOldeGamer says:

    What sort of xp are we talking here?

  18. Fockdaddy says:

    @Habb0fan Thanks man, Merry Christmas to you too.

  19. MrJaZzLeX says:

    i feel like doing this now

  20. Habb0fan says:

    haha that was funny, i came cuz fangzor liked this video also i subscribed. Merry christmas

  21. Jones4679 says:

    thats funny as hell i do the same except with a noose wand with mine. except he walks into it I dont fasten it on him.

  22. XGodOfDeathX says:

    i lol’d so hard :D did u smoke the trap, wear camouflage and stand 2 spaces away from the trap? :P 

  23. WhyYouFailz says:

    hahahah nice dude ! <3

  24. rosslegend says:

    OOO piece a candy!

  25. runescapejunkie1000 says:

    Quiet, i’m hunting pussycats

  26. CatsKeaton1044Grabs says:

    your current cat, Van Gogh, seems scared since nightmare

  27. KeepupChed1872 says:

    I’d been enormously hypersensitive to cats until eventually I needed any roomie whose kitty Sitar desired to snooze with me every evening

  28. PurpleCarmaKittens says:

    your cat, Share, looks scared because a nightmare

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