Five Things You Can Do to Make Your Cat Love You More!

peta2 blogger, Sunny, shares tips on what you can do to make your cat love you even more! Read More:

At the Hale Arena in the American Royal Center, the Amazing Acro-Cats of Chicago walked the high wire and bowled down plastic pins Pudge, who had been rescued from a box on the side of a road, showed a rapt crowd that kitties can roll over on command. Pinky, the front feline for the Rock Cats, used her dewclaw to strum a guitar while Dakota and Fiji pounded on the drums and piano, respectively. Martin, the ringmaster, said cat owners are too quick to assume their pets wont learn tricks besides using the litter box, if that. Cats can develop behavioral problems because theyre bored, Martin said. If you spend more time training them, youll develop a relationship more like one youd have with a dog.
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30 Responses to “Five Things You Can Do to Make Your Cat Love You More!”

  1. KarateMaster4931 says:

    My new cat (It was my grandmother’s, but she died on thursday) Hides in the mechanical room in our basement. He seems cozy on the bottom shelf of the old wooden TV set, but he won’t eat or drink ANYTHING. He was acting pretty good to me, my brothers and my brother’s friend, but when my mom came down to look at him Benji (That’s the cat’s name) started hissing. He keep making VRRRRRR sounds and kept swiping at my older brother. (Thank goodness he does not have claws on his front paws) CONTINUE-

  2. adamherbster100 says:

    @Nairod2 there sooooo distracting lol

  3. justicecarlone says:

    Im part of PETA2!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. justicecarlone says:

    Im a peta2 blogger!!! Im going vegan nxt year
    Im vegetarian now

  5. Nairod2 says:

    no offence intended but i couldn’t stop watching your boobs u.u

  6. andssayyyyyyeahhh says:

    so fresh n so clean

  7. 796Aydin says:

    30 years later your kitty count is going to be from 1 to 2543457 xD

  8. TheGameruler123 says:

    I give my cat cat sticks as treats and i’ve just realized that you can only feed them one a day.

    What do I do?

  9. MandyHarmony says:

    i can tell this works…your cats right behind you! lol

  10. roserdgz says:

    Hey I’ve seen you before! What not to wear right? And I know I’ve seen you on a movie or tv show!! I just can’t remember where

  11. thebomb1273 says:


  12. kmanyfresh says:

    thanks your awsome

  13. whitewash014 says:

    I want to keep my cat inside but he loves going out at night

  14. CPShawnabear says:

    I Have a Brand new Black Kitten named Sidney Clawsby :D

  15. PuffinTheHerb420 says:

    I have a cat, his name is Jigglie Puff

  16. fridsade says:

    You’re cute.

  17. TheFredmac says:

    my cat will love u

  18. BoobieNizer says:

    Why are u dressed like that? were u going to a party or something? :)

  19. iivXLGaming says:

    @ZBX59 Errrm. Ok. Thats a bit rapish…

  20. preschoolpimpan says:

    crazy cat people

  21. heythereMrgrumpyface says:

    @TheHaleyEss i like dogs

  22. heythereMrgrumpyface says:

    i love to be brushed and stroked… :$

  23. rachadnammour says:

    my cat’s name is fridritch -_-

  24. jaidan98 says:

    it worked with my cat

  25. TheClaudeBoysstones says:

    #2 was funny

  26. abirdslife says:

    Nice training and fun for the animals, love positive !

  27. MultiAnimalcrackers says:

    Awesome love it…i have currently got my cat comfortable with all sorts of noises and goes for regular walks up through town, but i do find like you say, she gets distracted easy, she so nosey and loves people watching…i would love her to be able to do demonstrations like your cats do…..any tips or have you written on a book on this that i could get??

  28. CatsactiJett1469 says:

    All of us employed to make use of the spray bottle on a single with the some felines we have now when she seemed to be utilizing the indoor plants to be able to poop in

  29. KittensBabeNavin says:

    your cat, Valikee Caut, appears to be afraid as heck

  30. CatstrapOlin1330 says:

    Good as usual to view the actual kitties. Delighted

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