FIFA: what are some players that should retire? why FIFA story?

Question by Envy Back from CUBA: FIFA: what are some players that should retire? why FIFA story?
Characters: Envy La Fruia Maria Arlene Pat Mina Rahmah SaL am I missing anyone there’s a ton Mistress…..

“Pathetic fools. Ha ha ha ha. Imbecils! Stupid critens they are so manipulative ” Laughed Envy as La Furia Maria had exterminated yet another planet. “I want another assigment these creatures are pathetic. I need something to test my skill my real skill. I want to unleash my full power” Envy “patience my child you will be able to use your full power in a planet called Earth. Buwha ha ha ha. Now come my petty little minion. Take us to Earth” “Yes Master as you wish” His minion immediatly programed the spaceship toward the direction of east sun north the location to planet Earth. On Earth there lay a mystical creature by the name of Sal. “Wake up child wake up” Said a distant voice from the sun it was Mistress the goddess of the sun and creator of the small puffy pokemon like creature. “Kya?” said the creature rubbing it’s eyes. “Chaos will come to this world it is your duty to protect this world my creature”. The voice eventually faded as the creature remained oblivious of the chaos coming towards the planet. The creature was located in a field of sunflowers it was amazed by all the “suns” he saw in the sky. “Hi there little guy? whatcha doing here?” said a lovely young maiden named Mina. “Oy Onee-chan whatcha found?” said a younger girl who was tugging on her skirt. “I don’t know. I think it’s a kitten. Let’s take it home Rahmah” Both young girls get the creature and take it home. “Oka-san! Otto-san! Look what we found” Both girls grab the creature from its fur and show it to their parents. “Now what did we say about keeping animals in the house” said their mother Arlene. “Can we keep it pleeeeease” said their father Pat who was already cuddling with the little creature. Arlene saw the googly eyes of Mina Rahmah and Pat and said “Fiiine~ But I won’t be taking care of it. It’s your responsibility girls” Girls “Yaay!” A woman stood outside standing on a tree branch as the girls played with the cuddly animal. Woman “I must exterminate that creature.” Envy and his daughter La Furia Maria who had been anxious throughout the whole trip exterminating planets could no longer wait until she stepped on Earth soil in order to hear the screams of anguish and pain while she murdered the humans. She laughed impatiently. “We are here Master” said Envy’s servant Saint Iker. (Author’s Note: Envy is evil so it’s only natural for envy to have evil minions…..keep reading it only gets better) Envy stood up from his chair and walked towards the door as his daughter destroyed it open “Were shall we beging my child?” asked Envy “Any where take me take me where those pathetic scum bags are at. BUWHA HA HA” she laughed histerically. They flew towards the direction of the heavens north west the City of Destruction San Francisco. (Author’s Note: Dam right it’s gonna take place in Frisko. I am from Frisko!) It’s getting a little too long stay tune!
The Phillies are going down tonight! lol Or not xP

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Answer by miguelsabah fuerzamonarca
hah fail no answers *8=================D O:


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3 Responses to “FIFA: what are some players that should retire? why FIFA story?”

  1. Pat in The Hat says:

    Great installment. I am a great father figure.

    Philies gonna win this

  2. Midna ♥ TM (Is the Avatar) says:

    you never finished the story i was in and i’m not in this one :(
    Awww Pat liked the creature? lol of course mother would only care about taking care of it LOL

  3. GennaMessage116 says:

    good luck washing ones cat

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