FFXIV: AAAHHH – Party Invite System

*****MOST OF THIS HAS BEEN FIXED! SE is continuing to work on improving FFXIV. KEEP IT UP GUYS~***** Final Fantasy XIV’s interface is intuitive and never frustrating. Twitter: twitter.com UPDATE GUYS: If you need to coax players into your party at a distance no matter what, the party *recruitment* system will work. This isn’t *inviting* people, and any random player can join (not just the people you want in your party), but throwing your party up on the recruitment system and telling your friends to join *does* work around the issue of not having a long-distance invite option! If you enjoy menu systems and explaining things, check out YouTube user kazthegun’s video: www.youtube.com
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25 Responses to “FFXIV: AAAHHH – Party Invite System”

  1. wiilover55 says:

    hahahaha, “you’ve actually convinced one of your friends to play FFXIV…” YOU’RE A TERRIBLE FRIEND XD

  2. fhqwghads says:

    It’s not hard to make things better when everything was broken at release. And FFXIV is about as relevant to the MMO community as a member of a failing business giving its opinion to a Fortune 500 company, so have fun with your 500 or so fellow players of a game nobody gives a damn about.

  3. mewsuaykat says:

    Hey how you liking RIFT still since it has been called by many a collosal flop? :)

    Ahh the irony.

    BTW I am still playing FFXIV and things are getting better everyday STILL :)

  4. 723lion says:

    cool chick

  5. mishaal3000 says:

    what ever thy do what ever thy fix the game will still be stupid big time

    btw am big fan of FF series

  6. hankseptember says:

    i’d party with this chic any day

  7. ShoSholee says:

    lol wow this is vid is outdated by far. like all this was fixed long time ago. Should probably take this video down

  8. Haruneru says:

    omg how much for the original XIV coasters?! I MUST HAVE xD

  9. fhqwghads says:

    Apparently you’ve never played Rift. It just came out less than a month ago. It’s bar-none the best MMO release EVER. There were no outcries from players wondering “what the fuck is wrong with this game?!” No, critics all over the place are blown away by how fine-tuned it is. It was also released with tons of end-game content. Think I will stick with a game that’s released and ready to play, and stay away from one that needs another 2 years of development.

  10. Sabishiikouen says:

    The point people make is, this should have been in the game AT DAY ONE. It should have been there IN THE BETA. At some point, during the development process, SOMEONE would/should have spoken up and said: let’s have a system where we can invite people from anywhere, invite them from our friend’s list, and invite them from the linkshell list. Let’s have a fully functional /command system. Let’s do all of this to have a fully functional game. FROM RELEASE.

  11. liquidpyramid says:

    damn. i still want to try this game out but.. damn. i’m gonna go play ffxi.

  12. mout12 says:

    Do you play in Besaid? -Belgian Rofl

  13. mout12 says:

    there’s no defending this fkn game. what a heaping pile of shit.

  14. WarheartHC says:

    your cute

  15. JasmineSrsBsns says:

    Yep! Square has already fixed a LOT of issues!

  16. SirAlucard999 says:

    I can’t believe this game sucks as hell but. u just realized that is worst than that. sad but true.

  17. mewsuaykat says:

    Funny how so many people have such little patience :D

    FFXIV is already way better since this video post LOL! …and people are STILL talking trash with no faith… *sad* stop being haters!

  18. mewsuaykat says:

    FIXED :)

    HEY PPL~! Shutdown your hate machines. FFXIV is getting better everyday! Patches are rapid and SE is revamping everything with fervor!

    MMOs are not made flawless [every MMO released to date has had growing pains]!
    MMOs are not released flawless!
    MMOs do not release with End Game grade content!

    Look: SE made FFXI into an AMAZING experience and it had a rough ROUGH start. Same thing here….

    Have fun starting this game late when u finally realize its a great MMO!

  19. poffip says:

    Ho is a game bad because its system of invitation is not to the point, do you think developers will never correct this point of the game? Seriously if you do not like this game just because of this small defect, you do not have a good judgement

  20. elementindustrial says:

    Great video :) 

  21. Navitron says:

    There is no such thing as getting better at this game there is just getting worse… :P

  22. mikette4ever says:

    lol you and your friend are total douchers, less youtube videos, more being better at the game (hint hint, use the party search function, got me parties from 20-35. . .)

  23. Scott97169 says:

    Tera online is looking very appealing as FFXIV is just such a failure. What in the hell though, who the fuck releases their mmorpg that’s still in the Alpha version? After two major updates, it’ll move to beta stage and the first expansion will make it a complete game. I wish the developement team are proud Japanese people and throw themselves on their samurai swords for being such failures.

  24. lockes909 says:

    There is a way to join a party from far away. If you or your friend create a party then choose recruit. It will be listed in the search function. All the ppl who wants to join your party just have to click on your party and join in. i mean anyone can join in lol.

  25. JasmineSrsBsns says:

    Oh man I imagine after the fifth time trying to explain the party recruitment system to someone you just type back in all caps “MEET ME AT BLACK BRUSH :(

    I was in stitches for most of your party recruitment video – the mystical and obtuse operation of XIV never ceases to entertain. Mad props to you wrestling with the recruitment menu system until it submitted!

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