Feeding Stray Kittens – 7/25/11 (Info in the description)

For those of you who remember my previous video of the stray kittens being fed, their story is now apparent: The kittens you see have been abandoned and left to us, against our knowledge and consent by some neighbors that live down the street from us, who also have a history with cats. As much as me and my family love kittens, we cannot keep them for a number of reasons, but we also do not wish to give them to a shelter in fear of them being unfairly euthanized. The good news however, is that we have found someone who is willing to adobt them. Therefore, this video may be the last you see of them before they are given to a better home… UPDATE: On 7/27/11, the new owner of these kittens has now adopted them and now they have a new and better home!
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29 Responses to “Feeding Stray Kittens – 7/25/11 (Info in the description)”

  1. xXXSeizurethewolfx says:

    Such a nice thing to do :3

  2. duellermd2 says:


  3. ButterflyGathering says:

    God Bless you!

  4. kimbite says:

    good man

  5. crazy4newcastle says:

    Massive respect to you Sir.

  6. inetuse says:

    So nice of you to take them in. They’re just starving.

  7. retrodude13 says:

    aww so cute

  8. johnkandultraseven says:


  9. connorj45 says:

    thats funny

  10. FlameShieldKing1 says:

    i love kittens there so cute 8D

  11. legendarywerewolf206 says:

    so are you planning on keeping one of them or bringing them to a animal shelter?

  12. zalina03 says:

    Awww :)

  13. MegaKiryZilla says:

    hungry lil suckers aren’t they

  14. Deadzilla says:

    Who would dislike this?

    I like how they swarmed the plate before you poured the food on lol.

  15. WackleTackle says:

    i beat these with my lanyard every time i go out there….

  16. SpiderKing389 says:

    Aww man, this is great, you’re a good and kind person for doing this for them :)

  17. Matkaizer08 says:

    Kitten Defender

  18. G0dz1lla72 says:

    good job man. Good to know that there are people out there to care enough to put forth the effort to be a good person instead of just calling animal control and disregarding the situation. Oh and just like everyone else, love the part where you dumped it on the kittens head!

  19. gojira1100 says:

    Awwwwww their so cute!

  20. THEMEATBALLER1 says:

    its cool tht u helped em out

  21. moviewerewolf says:

    they charged for that food lol

  22. chimerakid78 says:


  23. anguirusfan26 says:

    There so cute! i wish i could have cats but im alergic to cats

  24. microsoftnerd4life says:


  25. 1337muster says:

    dude thats so awesome.. my cat i had a while back was a stray that we adopted..

  26. ValuedKittensMelissia903 says:

    Great as always to determine the kitties. Content

  27. Kitt3n5Brainy says:

    this is quite terrible advice although impossible that your feline will be idiotic sufficient to enjoy your tea you will find compounds inside herbal tea that happen to be very poisonous for you to kittens and cats

  28. KittensChapterYama1843 says:

    we even ascend inside machine myself

  29. CatsonweRossean64 says:

    declawing is the merely useful dissuasive, in particular when your current kitten is actually regular cat

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