Feeding Stray Kitten

This is a stray kitten found on my parents yard. Can’t find the mom cat so my brother feed it milk. This is Me feeding the kitten. The Kitten name is Tom by the way!
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20 Responses to “Feeding Stray Kitten”

  1. Elena98506 says:

    God bless you !!!! Thank you for your kindness !!!!

  2. Bastista1 says:

    I hear WWE in the background.

  3. Kayla11250 says:

    That cat looks a lot like my grandparents stray cat they found in the street i made a video of me and my the kitten my lil brother was recording its called Me, Kitten and my brother

  4. DogLikE08 says:

    wow, a cute cat like that laying in your yard? hell youre lucky


    ummm u relize feeding a cat milk makes them have diarreh right?????

  6. JinkinOsawri says:

    If you can… get the cat examined as soon as possible, and vaccinated. It would be good for the cat if you went to a vet to get him or her checked. Is this your first cat?

  7. IronBrig4 says:

    Wow, he’s a hungry little guy.

  8. Midnightryder7 says:

    what ever happend to Tom?

  9. MrJLaza says:

    kitteh milk 

  10. stalinisnumber1 says:


  11. vesper0071 says:

    what is it eating???/

  12. xXCREEKSTARXx says:

    supercute kitty =D

  13. viannafin says:

    What a cute little face!

  14. shadowangels27 says:

    what kind of milk is that? 90% of cats are allergic to cow’s milk, and only like 5% are allergic to goat’s milk which is a healthier and safer choice. they use it to nurse small animals (newborn puppies, kittens, ect) back to health

  15. busafwine says:

    did you find mom still ?

  16. acidglow says:

    1:11 cute

  17. kiminilove says:

    oops  sorry i thought my comment wasnt posted again -_-

  18. kiminilove says:

    Aww hes so cute =)
    Its really nice of you to take care of that kitty i know some wouldnt have given a damn about it.
    This world needs more animal lovers like you.

    I hope things go well for tom (my bunnys called tom an is grey too =p)

  19. kiminilove says:

    aww thats so cute =)
    its really nice of you to take care of it I know some would just leave it and not give a damn-it happens
    this world needs more animal lovers like you

    i hope things go well for tom (my bunnys called tom too an hes grey =p)

  20. Teeya1593 says:

    furthermore we have a way to overcome the particular terrible aroma clear the litter daily and also put it back at least one time a month

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