Feeding, nursing baby field mouse, Animal Advocates, Mary Cummins

This eyes closed baby field mouse is being nursed. I’m using a 1 cc oral syringe with a cut off tom cat catheter to feed him Esbilac puppy milk. I’ve been feeding him every hour. He came in with his umbilical cord still attached. His eyes should open soon then he will eat on his own. He will be released back to the wild.I am a licensed wildlife rehabilitator. Animal Advocates, Mary Cummins, www.animaladvocates.us
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  1. ionabreeze says:

    I sat up for hours in the early hours of themorning watching the mice come and go until I caught them all and plcaed them safely in a proper mouse house as the weather was so bitterly cold outside. When is best to put them out and where would you suggest? In the past I took a family of 12 mice to the base of a lovely tree with nooks and crannies in the depths of a blue bell wood but there may be better places to survive. What do you think ? Will they stay together do you think by scent ?

  2. ionabreeze says:

    It is wonderful to see there are people out there like you whoare so compassionate towrads thes yiny little defenceless creatures. I tried once to feed 4 mice for a week that were even tinier than this and were bald but I didn’t have much success and they died off one by one though I had taken advice. I think the feeding syringe was not fine enough. However I have successfully caught a family of 5 mice including the parents and am looking after them in a fancy mouse house till it’s warmer..

  3. smitz94 says:

    i was just outside with my two dogs in the garden (live in country, large garden) and saw one of my dogs barking and scratching at this nest of sort, so i shoved him inside to see three baby mice, that could only be a day or two old, so i grabbed some latex gloves, fixed their nest (to the best i could) and put them back, to then see this adult mouse run out of the nest into a nearby field. I hope i helped them. But i know nothing when it comes to these sort of things, but i couldnt let it die

  4. catlovexi says:

    i found a whole litter..the mom died and only one baby survived..his eyes were closed and he was smaller then my thumb..ive been feeding him puppy milk for almost 2 weeks now..i tried getting him to lap it up but he will only drink it out of the syringe..when is a good time to start giving him solid foods? and what kind do they eat? also i want to put him back where he came from when he is ready, but ppl are telling me he probably cant survive on his own now.. is this true?

  5. mewfymarf says:

    I miraculously kept working, and desperately wanted to take the remaining 3 home with me. I worked something out by the following day, and went back to buy them. My coworker said she “had” to use one of the 3 for feeding, but I consider myself lucky to have 2 pretty mouse babies. I can’t save them all, but I can save two. I thought one was going to die last night, but he pulled through. They were the same size, but that one hasn’t grown much compared to his brother. If they’re boys.

  6. mewfymarf says:

    I work in a pet shop, and the most difficult part of the job for me is selling the rodents to be fed to other animals. The other day, I noticed that some of the pinky mice had had a chance to age, and were becoming beautiful fancy mice. I admired them for a second and then went back to sweeping. My coworker said something about feeding, and the next thing I knew, there were only 3 remaining. I broke into tears and she promised not to use any more of that litter for feeding.

  7. chrysalis72 says:

    Amazing vocation you have in life and how wonderful for you and the animals too.
    I would love to know someone like you and help in some way with nature like this. My respect and admiration goes out to you, what a wonderful caring heart you have, as sweet as the animals your caring for. Thanks for sharing these touching videos, clearly you are the hidden star in them all.x love from mrgtmg x

  8. DancingAngelicR says:


  9. MrNandoo23 says:

    i have a baby mouse whos still pink i had him for two days and was wondering …when i feed him he pulls his head back alot am i doing something wrong.

  10. LovelyAmericanGirl says:

    How big are the when they are weaning? I am caring for a field mouse, she is eating solid foods, she`s extremely friendly, she crawls in my hand and will fall asleep in my pocket if she`s cold, but her poop is yellow, is she ok?

  11. Cook2430 says:

    We just found a baby mouse and Im afraid its gonna die. I didnt know how to feed it or what kind of milk to feed it. This video helps a lot. I couldnt just throw the little guy outside like my dad told me to do. I find it hard to do something like that and feel I should help the little guy. Hes smaller than the one in this video too. Id say a day old or so.

  12. shakirabo23 says:

    Aw Fatty mouse Eating ! So Cute

  13. LittleSerboLamb says:

    I think it’s awesome that you’re selfless enough to help someone out that is so small! I just wished more ppl were this caring about other animals other than the obvious, cats and dogs! :)

  14. MaryCummins says:

    I had to make custom super tiny feeding instruments for these guys.

  15. LittleSerboLamb says:

    Holy crap and I thought feeding a newborn kitten was bad! He’s so tiny.

  16. XxHanix says:

    Open my channel for some hamster eating stuff videos :)

  17. fallinguphill7 says:

    The mouse looks just a little bit younger than this one.

  18. fallinguphill7 says:

    My husband and I found a baby mouse under our oven. We could hear it crying over the tv. There wasn’t any other babies, and no mother anywhere. We left it outside for a while thinking the mother would come get it, but a few hours later, it was still there and it had gotten cold outside. So I brought it in and started looking up how to feed them. It’s not interested in eating at all. All I have is baby formula, but it wouldn’t eat. its 2am so no way to get mice formula right now. Sigh..

  19. aquaphotoboy says:

    My female kangaroo rat died and left a 2 weeks old baby… I tried so hard to feed the baby but sadly he couldnt make it…it was hard to see the baby going… the father kangaroo was pretty sad too.

  20. FujishimaAkiko says:

    I must have had mega mouse then.. because I had one that lived 4 years.. but he was pampered.. slept when he wanted, never disturbed.. got the best food and bottled water.. never know what is coming out of your tap. ^__^

  21. MaryCummins says:

    Mice only live 1.5 to 2 years. Sounds like he had a nice life.

  22. OLQH2 says:

    My little brother was in 5th grade, when he found a dying field mouse at a neighbor’s house, who had sprayed rat poison. He actually ended up bringing the mouse back to life, and we named her Desperaux. We had her for about two years, but towards the end of her life she became extremely distant, and just dyed.

  23. LifeequalsFashion says:

    aww! this is so cute! It looks like the baby mouse me n my friend were raising that had been orphaned, but it died. :( it was so sad.

  24. ivanovsd says:

    AWAWWAWAWAWWWWWWW look at his litlle paws……

  25. tsuruhime100 says:


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