Feeding my baby bunny :)

This is Theodore, my orphaned baby bunny. I am using a puppy/kitten bottle and kitten milk replacement. You can also use goat milk, or regular skim milk to feed them.
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10 Responses to “Feeding my baby bunny :)”

  1. FinalFantasy10RO says:

    The first look I was like oh god why you hold the bunny like a stone

  2. BOOSHCY says:

    you named him after my dad

  3. elmaschingon142006 says:

    cuties :D 

  4. AprilTheRandomChic says:

    Dont drink them when they r laying down. But its awesome that ur looking after the bunny :)

  5. bunnylover101001 says:

    Thats really, really adorable, and you must treat your bunny well ^u^

  6. MrNormaj says:

    keep up the good work…:)))

  7. thehaylee11 says:

    i had a bunny jus like that one this summer i caught it and name it theodore too he or she look jus like him thou that is cool

  8. emilylovee2011 says:

    where cna u get the bottle

  9. TheVampireLoverz says:

    Dont hold them down hard. I suggest use the medicne bottle thing. and put it on the side of its mouth a ittl start to suck.

  10. DrAter000 says:

    Please respond to this comment..

    I have two little tiny baby rabbits.

    I have the kitten milk replacement, and a bottle.

    But no matter how hard I hold them down, they won’t suck the nipple on the bottle.

    So how do I feed them? Am I doing it wrong?

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