Plaid! Kitten heels! Lace! Featured song: The Drums – Down By The Water
Video Rating: 4 / 5

A idiot Asian woman Torture & kills a kitten with her high heels.. WTF? Chinese people eating Human Fetus Babies.. WTF? Strange food in Asian Countrys.. WTF? All of those people arent humans… they r like Cannibals. Link to CHinese people eating babies:
Video Rating: 2 / 5


  1. kawaiiboyable says:

    Awesome, Easy, wearable!

  2. Cutiestef124 says:

    im not gonna lie.. theres only 3 outfits on there that i actually thought were decent.. it kinda freaked me out that this is fashion.. its not very attractive too me.. just seems dull and messy.. lol really wanted to like it aswell..

  3. ch3rrybloss0m says:


  4. Ricaardoo92 says:

    noo she’s cute :D

  5. lorahmoi says:

    That’s Suvi the finnish model in 0.28

  6. nlvar421 says:

    Beautiful colors and textures, if the seensters of the world would only spend money!

  7. OmDetSkulleRegna says:

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    Many thanks <33

  8. ApparelSearch says:

    Nice video of Marc Jacobs event. Glad that I had a chance to watch it today.

  9. Ricaardoo92 says:

    It’s Freja at 0:53 <3

  10. reebe33 says:

    WOW is all i can say.. O.O

  11. sevenohclock says:

    AMAZING. work of art.

  12. crazyequalsfun says:

    Is it weird that this video seriously moved me? lol Its just so beautiful hahaha

  13. KucciolaKawaii says:

    1:20 = hottt

    i love marc’s designsss!!!!
    MJ foreverrr

  14. xXVintageHippieXx says:

    i love the to the knee dresses. modest but still hot. very beautiful

  15. OMFGitsELLIEallurexx says:

    marc jacobs is bomb! <3

  16. 5oclocksunflower says:

    marc jacobs…visionary as usual…<3333. in a league of his own

  17. ciatmorado says:

    as always mark jacobs is brilliant

  18. aquadreamangel says:

    My favorite collection so far. hands down.

  19. Genshari says:

    Dear Nylon,
    i would just like to say, thank u for all the awesome music u’ve introduced me to over the past few days. its been very appreciated. =-]

    and as usual marc jacobs is stellar

  20. couronnedefleurs says:

    I love the dress of the minute 1:06 beautiful!

  21. FunkyJunk3191 says:

    loveloeloovee this collection. especially the dresses! the tartan ones are from heaven. Marc By Marc Jacobs never fails <3

  22. wallflowerification says:

    cute, but nothing i’ve never seen before.

  23. dancypants96 says:

    Fantastic! Brilliant! ooo i love marc jacobs with all my heart.

  24. ThisIsNotMia says:

    This is overwhelming. The song is perfect, the clothes are beautiful. Right on, Marc.

  25. ClubHabana1 says:

    Yep! you are American alright! I can tell by your grammar!

  26. EmpoleonFreak123 says:

    you speak like you aren’t American yourself so if you aren’t,how would you know if people who are American can only be educated one language? and i know for a fact in America,when you go to high school you have to take a class for learning 1 or more languages.The only reason i know this is because i live in America.

  27. EmpoleonFreak123 says:

    someone should arrest that which

  28. MrGGMM123 says:

    cool im estonian also european !

  29. ClubHabana1 says:

    It’s ok. Your English is much better than most Americans. They can’t spell or use proper grammar. That’s why they are educated in only one language. Could you imagine 2 or more???

  30. lovin0051 says:

    I would like to see one of these videos instead of someone always talking about it

  31. hashkhan123 says:

    Theherowon america will fuck you and your mom and you’ll never know, american slave

  32. hateusawarcriminals says:

    of couse i’m chinese stupid retard why the fuck do you think i”m on here say stuff dumbass!

  33. hateusawarcriminals says:

    so what i am are you gonna do about it and you’re stupid!

  34. theherowon says:

    WTF! I eat rice and bread and i live in America the land of the free and brave and i study at La Salle University. My mom is a doctor and my dad is the chairman of a submarine company which has sold it subs to the Brazillian Navy and i dont think Brazil is just a jungle but the jungles there are very nice i visited Rio and its a nice city America loves all countries (except for Communists and Radical Muslims and by Radical i meane people who blow themselves up but if your a normal muslim its ok.

  35. theherowon says:

    America does not judge you and your mom we do not hate Asians but what we do hate is the evil that SOME Asians do example are eating baby HUMAN beings. I have eaten stuff like crickets and spiders because these are food but HUMANS are not food and i just whant to get that through China’s head pls eat animals for fruits and vegies not HUMANS pls

  36. theherowon says:

    China isnt just a country they are a race of evil, yellow, baby eating monsters who like to bully small nations and pretend to have big balls. They think they can stand up to the awsome power of America and its allies no chance. Every day Americans sacrifice everything they have to free the world from Communism, Terrorism, Crime and Poverty. This is to all nations including China, North Korea, Iraq, Pakistan, Philippines, India, Iran, Nigeria, Lybia and Syria that America will save you from evil

  37. theherowon says:

    i bet your a chink

  38. xassin says:

    Us human being is on top of the food chain so eating what’s below us is appropriate but eating the own kind is a problem as it becomes cannibalism. There are few exception where there is no source of food can be found in desperate condition something like plane crash in middle of nowhere and eating dead passenger flesh just to keep alive until help comes.

  39. ImNotObsessed6789 says:

    I don’t think its common practice, it’s illegal there like anywhere else in the world, you get cannibalism in all cultures, not just China (which makes you sound racist by the way, to the Chinese and “Asian countrys”) and even then, I wouldn’t be surprised if most stories claiming an incident of cooking and eating a foetus were total bullshit. Not everything you read on the internet is the “trueth”. You spelt truth wrong by the way, and Asian countries. Are you sure you’ve a right to be racist?

  40. davyliyang says:

    =D hey no brainers, Why don’t i give you another suggestion. Let’s kill all the asians. so they don’t eat our babies.

  41. ShadowBladewarr10r says:

    DUDE IM ASIAN and i find the fucking CHINESE Friggin discusting how the CHINESE eat Human Babies, also i have seen that video of the kitten and it is SAD, fuck only fucking monsters eat other humans babies FUCKING DEMONS.

  42. RacistChinesemusicdj says:

    How about baby foetus soup chink?

  43. Rainingcoldheart says:

    Dog meat are tasty they keep you warm :D from the -40degrees winter season

  44. Scyllah says:

    Gotta love how everyone hates on the rest of the world for easting things they dont eat, but still probably buy KFC, Mc Donals and eat a sunday roast each week. Meet your Meat.

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