fainting goat kittens original video part 2- in memoriam

I made this tribute from the remaining film and pictures I took of the boys. any suggestion that we mistreated charlie and spike is repulsive. They were like gods to us. – music: Ennio Morricone – Gabriel’s Oboe -Virgin Music (Publishers) Ltd/Ennio Morricone. available on download from both iTunes and Amazon.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

24 Responses to “fainting goat kittens original video part 2- in memoriam”

  1. mauriesmileco says:

    This is so sad feel so bad for them I’m in tears so young to be taken by a horrible disease and e en though they had it they still seemed happy RIP wee babies xx

  2. pccchurch says:

    Looks like seizures. My old cat had it on his last days. It is very hard on him. Their whole body tenses up and they bite their tongues and lips and bleed. They are so tired after seizures. And they pee themselves.

  3. xnailpolishloverx says:

    I went into tears after watching this. Such cute kittens.

  4. ShawnOwenLankford says:

    Awww……Precious….God Bless them both!!

  5. MRZOMBIEKILLER123456 says:

    Poor kittens r.i.p :(

  6. Mrsbeaubrooks says:


  7. chantimothy says:

    people please don’t be sad… i am sure the last thing the kittens remembered was that they had a very kind master that took care of them to the very last moment…

  8. assfailure123 says:

    I cryed while watching this and I’m still crying. It’s so sad. They will be remembered by all of us.

  9. TheOneManFilmCrew says:

    Rest in peace my ablaloutle darlings you will never be forgotten bless you in kitty heaven

  10. savethepanda says:

    Just got really dusty in here..

  11. louiseandruby says:

    I was literally CRYING MY EYES OUT D’: its so sad R.I.P Charlie and Spike D’x

  12. servingthealiens says:

    They had each other, and they had you, in the short time they had here. I don’t feel sorry for them at all. <3

  13. Hankpetank says:

    Damn onion cutting ninjas…

  14. georgel19841 says:

    mbhv, ,g,luj,g h,ju

  15. georgel19841 says:


  16. georgel19841 says:


  17. pavlina2911 says:

    so fucking sweet! r.i.p.

  18. ceccy111 says:

    they was really adorable but i feel so sorry fore them :-(

  19. TheLegofan345 says:

    Just reading the comments after watching the video made me cry as I am typing this they both were adorable i wish i could see them now but that’s what videos are fo good job taking care of them :0

  20. ajs3939 says:

    ho there so cute hate hearing animals have died is it what they had that killed them

  21. chantimothy says:

    Also can someone plz tell me the name of the music? Thanks

  22. chantimothy says:

    The music kind of made me feel like they are playing happily in some other places where only them two are allowed in… Thanks for whoever spent the effort of taking care of them.

  23. gavintanner92 says:

    Adorable but so sad :(

  24. Maxoter says:

    Thank you for sharing your two little angels with us. I’m very sorry they had that condition. I know you took really good care of them, and they were so lucky to have you.

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