Eek! Stravaganza – Eek! The Cat: Natural Bored Kittens (1995) S4 E03A

Part one. With Eek! The Cat, Mushy, Gushy, Ed, Sharky, Mom, The Squishy Bearz, Uncle Mac, Hank, Jib, and Wendy Elizabeth in a small cameo. Synopsis: Sequel to Season One’s The Whining Pirates of Tortuga, Mushy, Gushy, and Ed once again trespass on Sharky’s territory, which Eek has to save them and flee to the treehouse, where Eek tells the kittens another story of his childhood, this time going to the moon.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

3 Responses to “Eek! Stravaganza – Eek! The Cat: Natural Bored Kittens (1995) S4 E03A”

  1. astrolupine says:

    Gee, the writers must have really loved Heather Locklear. 

  2. john1120 says:

    aqua lung? @ 3.00 song is cool.

  3. CatscoraphSekou says:

    This feline is defined as running this fuck clear of their family. It would join a boat or maybe aircraft to help European countries if it could.

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