Eartha Kitt – Love For Sale

Eartha sings “Love For Sale” at benefit concert

25 Responses to “Eartha Kitt – Love For Sale”

  1. RusPlot says:

    I’m going here for listen her voice in film about Kuzco, because I’m from Russia.

  2. WunjoSoulthief says:

    please. no more.

  3. TheKnutter says:

    Well gay!

  4. drumrollgold says:


  5. caribeandude1 says:

    A true original. There will never be another quite like Eartha.

  6. MsPandaRosa says:

    ooo, this is sooo naughty, in the best kind of way

  7. lilmissmusic2012 says:

    I love how she is in what some would call her “older years” here and she is still mackin’ with four guys all at once. And she still limber!!! Eartha you sly devil!! ;D.

  8. meowtrox says:

    now that’s ENTERTAINMENT

  9. Broad3679 says:

    fucking weird….

  10. TheTruthUnderTheHood says:

    Christmas is right around the corner ! Please dont fall into the trap! Search ” IS Christmas Satanic Or Christian Poem! ” It will blow your mind ,If you are Deep?

  11. Neohin says:

    she was the one who gave “cougar” a whole new meaning

  12. freddyjr6 says:

    if i wanted love for sale i would have got a hooker

  13. juanitobastos says:

    wow! she rocks and she was such an icon!

  14. Donnylutz00 says:

    What a legend! So one of a kind……….

  15. ms2010meana says:

    Shes the bomb!!!!!

  16. laserdave82 says:

    Whenever I am sad, I watch this video. Her smile at 0:14 just brightens my day EVERYTIME I’m sad.

  17. 1000mishi says:

    All the cougars are just plain kittys compared to Eartha! She dominates and owns. Full of class, too.

  18. bunnygotback18 says:

    Absolutely incredible person, and atrist! I sob for the younger generations who will only get to see her on the computer or on a video
    you can’t fully appriciate her untill you see her live

    I LOVE you Eartha and I hope to see you again someday!
    bye bye for now darling! Prrrrrrrrrrrr

  19. danceteachersince73 says:

    One of a kind, no one will ever be able to replace her.

  20. verograham says:


  21. Natasha4886 says:

    The One, the Only, incomparable Earth Kitt. I know you giving hell in heaven. LOL!!! R.I.P darling!

  22. berlinsmiler says:

    She was a wonderfull ,great Personality ,miss her and the Music.

  23. TheAththanayaka says:

    Take a naughty tour to naughty

  24. msscott73 says:

    This was tight!!!

  25. carrillczx says:

    Real Asian women are there online now

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