doug henning promotes a two day sale on enceladus

No, I said, “put on a swimsuit,” not “take a whore bath.” Plus, your knee has a boner, don’t touch it. It leads to relationshits.

25 Responses to “doug henning promotes a two day sale on enceladus”

  1. PlayaAwesome says:

    19 people think that’s too psycho…… but i love your vids <3 BECAUSE they are psycho to me :3

  2. GangastronYTP says:

    dufuq? lol

  3. TheSpoofDude says:

    Peetzuh piye

  4. MovieAcid says:

    Wow, this is really great.

  5. link000000 says:

    ok who divide by zero?

  6. WatchdogGoon says:

    Right. My mistake then, I guess I just picked up on some common elements.

  7. madanonymous says:

    I don’t either, but it’s not a Flash poop because I didn’t use Flash.

  8. WatchdogGoon says:

    I don’t understand why people hate on Flash poop all the time.

  9. happierthanyouandme says:

    DUDE. You’re amazing at this shit.

  10. reissecup says:

    0:36 how did you do that effect?

  11. ChibiAngelKotone says:

    This is what happens when the Hotel Mario game disc is put in the wrong way.

  12. jman3267 says:


  13. YouAreABunghole says:

    I think my friend sold me some bad kush..

  14. Gallers says:

    It takes a special level of boredom to come up with this. Congratulations.

  15. rambadibow says:


  16. lolmushrooms says:

    That part with the real lips

    Mother of god that’s brilliant.

  17. kuba1106 says:


  18. Phenenas says:

    When Cyriak meets YTP…

  19. Derahex says:

    Your videos have a way of hitting parts of the human brain that were undiscovered by humanity…


  20. pivotpapapizza says:

    this game was hard i cant play it

  21. MinecraftKid50 says:


  22. lanocondo says:

    oh maan… where the heck am i? i got lost in this dark alley of youtube again

  23. Lugmillord says:

    Don’t do drugs, kids.

  24. ExistenceProduction says:

    By-the-way, this reminds me of “Gauntlet: Dark Legacy” for some reason…

  25. mrbob091 says:


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