Dog feeding kittens

My dog who gave birth to her 1st litter recently and HATES cats with a vengance fed and cleaned 4 new born kittens we found in a rubbish bin….. Ahhhhhhhh!!

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  1. 12awesome21 says:

    1 guy was jealous because the dog didn’t feed him

  2. AmazingTheMan says:

    omga dog had kittens?

  3. WishingBabyX says:

    This Kind of people and Dogs like You and your dog is a VERY KIND HEARTED! ^^

  4. rpinedo69 says:

    Xjonix… some people are just totally heartless……They were still damp from having just been born and as we went to throw the trash out we heard the cries coming from this plastic bag in the communal bins…. We kept them for 2 days and then took them to a cat sanctuary where they were found new homes…. As far as I’m aware they all survived….

  5. xjonix says:

    i cant believe you found those kittens in a trash can! thats horrible !

  6. blackraven495 says:

    @mhaquhlet04 ummm a dog can’t physically give birth to kittens. it’s not possible for one species to birth another. where did you go to school?

  7. Navlek79 says:

    i had a cat that barked….. barks at news paper boy barks at people checking the lines, she got the habits from the dogs

  8. kattprz says:

    love the look at 2:37 :)

  9. Houdye says:

    its a dad

  10. mpersia says:

    so adorable!

  11. MsAzure77 says:

    Those little ones will grow up to be dog-cats! A hybrid species…

  12. vickydurocher says:

    @stubbsgrubbs y wuz it flaged as spam

  13. jenjenlover says:

    @mhaquhlet04 because dogs give birth to kittens

  14. stubbsgrubbs says:

    lol “did the dog gave birth to the kittens”

  15. stubbsgrubbs says:

    lol “did the dog gave birth to the kittens”

  16. stubbsgrubbs says:

    lol “did the dog gave birth to the kittens”

  17. xoSAIGEYGURLxo says:

    LOL cute!! so so funny

  18. dionglover1 says:

    if you read the info the found the kittens

  19. brandi811 says:

    the dog looked like it was bitting the kitten

  20. mhaquhlet04 says:

    the dog and the kittens are cute ,but did the dog gave birth to the kittens or adopted the kittens

  21. micheal096 says:


  22. CanadiAnnie says:


  23. CatsAlderfer1352Rae says:

    im fine with regular cat cats

  24. RidaKittensCoben says:

    My personal cat Passe-Poil has grown to be resistant to the particular showering

  25. C4t5AdiyanSlayr says:

    Recall, cats and kittens are generally great inside pictures but you aren’t really meant to deliver these people inside. They’re barn animals for getting these pests.

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