does it take time for a kitten to like toys?

Question by pimpdaddyj316: does it take time for a kitten to like toys?
My Kitten does not seem to even want to acknowledge any toys i have gotten her. is this normal? I’ve tried to show her how to use them. she is very friendly and affectionate.

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Answer by trusport
She will show an interest in toys if you play with her. Could be she’s just never experienced toys before or is it that she’s a new pet? If the latter is true, give her some time to feel at home and in no time she’ll be playing with you and her toys.

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  1. jody n says:

    it will take time but kittens like movable objects like strings try hanging one of her toys on a sting and move it in front of it then it might draw its attention more

  2. dude says:

    Kittens love toys. Get the mouse that hangs on a string and start making it move across the floor. Your kitten will jump all over that one.

  3. Shadycat says:

    Some cats like them, some don’t — but kittens generally do.

    Throwing the furry little mice across the room.
    Dragging a string or ribbon across the floor (string must ALWAYS be supervised, however, and never left out unattended lest it be ingested!!)
    Little wadded up pieces of paper

    Kittens are usually into everything, and make anything a toy. Is your kitty playful or lethargic. How does she normally like to play? If she’s not playful and full of energy, please see a vet ASAP!!!

  4. catlady says:

    My experience is they either like toys or they don’t. I have 4 cats, only 2 play with things, but they are usually the rings off milk jugs, string, crumpled up aluminum foil, never the things you actually pay for.

  5. Tinz says:

    I don’t think you should worry. if she’s new, and young she may just need a little time to acclimatize to everything. When I brought my boy home, I showed him a ribbon, and he immediately puffed up and jumped into the air, then proceeded to dash away. I suspect he thought it was a snake. It’s now his favourite toy!

  6. StargalKittensShelley1006 says:

    Isn’t it likely that when a pet runs away this is because they want to

  7. Yousuf1803 says:

    It can be fortunate that we’re not hypersensitive to the a couple of felines that live within my master bedroom

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