does a 8 week old kitten need kitten formula?

Question by g.g: does a 8 week old kitten need kitten formula?
when my sister picked up the kitten from my moms friend she said it was nursing but sometimes would eating dry food. i gave her some wet food and she did eat a little. do i need to buy kitten formula instead?

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Answer by catloverme123
bring the kitten back to the mother till it is fully weaned

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  1. nina says:

    well i have a kitten about 4-5 week old and im giving her formula…..but you might want to get the second step after the formula… its called weening, they sell it at petsmart or petco!! that’s probably what it needs!!

  2. Ann S says:

    At eight weeks, she is old enough to eat regular kitten chow. Since she obviously was not weaned by the previous owner, you may need to moisten the kitten chow with kitten milk replacement formula for a few days until she gets to eating it regularly. Then you can either moisten it with water, or feed it dry.

  3. Starstruck says:

    Cat mothers usually wean their kittens right around six to eight weeks old. Do you know for sure that it is eight weeks? If you do, then that means you’re kitten is in the process of weaning. Give her soft food in small portions many times a day, maybe every three or four hours or so. This makes it easier for her to digest. Wet food is good, or you can wet and mash up dry food.

    If you want to buy just a small container of KMR (you can get that at any PetSmart or other pet store) and mix a little bit of powder in the watered-down food, that will be beneficial to the cat until it is old enough to be comfortable with all solid food.

    If the cat’s eyes and ears are both open and it is mobile, you are pretty safe with the inbetween food. Slowly switch it from softer food to solid food and it should be fine. Make sure you get it to the vet for a health check and kitten vaccinations, and then when it is about six months old take it to get spayed or neutered.

  4. Jayde says:

    no you don’t, kittens are fully weaned when they are eight weeks old, my cat had kittens and they were still suckling until the day we gave them away. She will eat but get the dry kitten food. Good Luck. As long as she is drinking, she should be fine.

  5. princessfifi12 says:

    you can get a can or two of KMR (which is Kitten milk replacement) dont give any cow’s milk whatsoever!!! and try some Purina One for Kittens and plenty of fresh water…the kitten should be weaned once you finish the can or two of KMR

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