Do you own a Calico or Tortoiseshell kitten or cat?? Male/Female and name a little bit of info?

Question by vampiress_of_the_nighttime: Do you own a Calico or Tortoiseshell kitten or cat?? Male/Female and name a little bit of info?
I am interested in finding out other people that own Calico or Tortoiseshell kittens or cats. We had a baby kitten Calico named Tara (females) that we only had for 18 days (3 years ago) who was under 4 months old and died of a birth defect. We were quite upset to find her and we miss her terribly. We now have 2 female Calico kittens and they are very lovable and are around 3 months old.
I would like to know about your Calico or Tortoiseshell cats, male or female and how old they are/were and how they were like a family member to you. Playful and very lovable??
am quite interested in the theory about the male Calico cats as there aren’t very many around. They don’t seem to live long??
If you have a club on a website, I would love to see your info and any pics you have.
Hope to hear from you!

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Answer by paintedrain2
I have a female Tortoiseshell. She is around 7-8 yrs old now. She was a cuddler, as a young kitten, but she became more independent as an adult. She still loves attention, but would rather be outside, sun-bathing, than in your lap.
Great cat though.

P.S. Male calico cats will be sterile, although there are a few non-sterile males which can only be explained through an even rarer genetic anomaly called a mosaic.

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  1. old cat lady says:

    I just euthanized my tortoiseshell cat on Thursday. She was 22 and 1/2 years old. I rescued her when she was fifteen so don’t know what she was like as a kitten. She was a feisty, imperious, beautiful queen much loved by all the people who dealt with her.

    I miss her coming onto my bed at night for her ear touches and chin scrunches. She was a great blessing in my life.

  2. yukoneze says:

    I have a Calico…”Keesa”…She is 5 1/2 and white base with black and orange…She drives me…I got her when she was just over a year old…No medical problems at all. Well one…Always wants to eat, like about a minute ago, before I read your question..:)..Great mouser/birder :( /rodents etc…..I have heard that they can die at an early age, but, she is healthy and loving…Drools when you pet her…lol…

    Don’t worry about your new kitten’s, they will be fine…What happens, happens…Stay possitive and loving to them….Have you gone on line and entered, calico cats/clubs etc?…That should give you some info….Enjoy and let them replace the last one…All the best….Yuke…

  3. spooshy says:

    Like humans, all cats are different. I have a calico, she’s three. Very playful and affectionate, even since I adopted her.

    My sister’s cat is a calico siamese mix, she was never very playful as a kitten, and is getting crankier as age progresses (she’s seven now.)

    Cats also do better in even numbers. To keep them playful, have a playmate of their own kind.

    This is my calico.

  4. kiaSister3 says:

    You will never see a male calico. The gene is female. I have heard of 1 or 2 in the last 100 years, but by and large they are always female. I have a 5 month old Tortie named Duma. She is crazy wild as she is still a kitten, but she is very playful and very affectionate. She is the most affectionate cat we have had. Having said that, she is also the world’s most fiesty cat. She has TUDE!!! Most cats with red in their fur color are a little hot tempered, just like humans…LOL. (I should know..I am a fiesty red head myself!!!) Most of the time, however, they grow out of it. I have a squirt bottle with water and when she misbehaves she gets a blast in the face. Calicos are very curious and seem to “talk” to you. I will say to her,”Get out of that box of firewood” and she will meow at me as if to say, “Make me.” It’s quite humorous.
    If cared for properly, vet care, shots, etc…they can now live upwards of 15 to 20 years. Have fun and GL with your new kittens

  5. Alicia says:

    Yeah … tortis, calicos, and tri-tigers are always female .. it’s genetic.

    I have a dilute tri-tiger cat, she’s 2 1/2 years old and is kinda crazy. She’s still very playful (of course it helps that she has an 8 month-old kitten to play with), and kind of stuck up. She HATES being picked up, scruffed (probably because she associates both with getting meds of some sort)… but will cuddle with me when it’s convenient for her. She also seems to prefer male humans.

    She’s kinda bitchy, but I love her :o ) A lot of tortis can be like that, but I like them!

  6. litlbigdg says:


  7. GloryKittensDeloris1355 says:

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