Dijkstra the Tortoise Shell Kitten Takes Care of Business

Kitten pounces the kitchen floor mat and gives it a good thrashing before running for cover before a second strike!

25 Responses to “Dijkstra the Tortoise Shell Kitten Takes Care of Business”

  1. moebigsley1976 says:


  2. Copperheadroad1 says:

    she is so cute. looks just like my little tortie.

  3. slapx123 says:

    Torties are the funniest breed :P

  4. Reycied says:

    That cat is an adorable little spaz. XD

  5. sharkeysmum says:

    Awww! She’s looks just like my little torti! What a character!

  6. NinjaBass117 says:

    *internet high five*

  7. dound07 says:

    :-) She is pretty quick to get to the food bowl … and to find the optimal escape path. Shortest paths do seem to be her thing :) .

  8. NinjaBass117 says:

    You named your kitten Dijkstra? That is probably the greatest thing I have ever heard. Does your cat always know the shortest path to its food?

  9. iLimey246 says:

    Awe, she’s adorable :D My tortoise shell cat, Marlie, still acts like this and she’s full grown. Haha.

  10. cindercalico says:

    awww how cute

  11. cindercalico says:

    Aww so cute i also have a tortoiseshell kitten and she is hyper

  12. SVUbaby711 says:

    Totally funny! Reminds me of my cat Scooter…though don’t think I seen him do something like this though!

  13. latinakisses14 says:

    my cat looks like that! but she isn’t little anymore=[

  14. vegemitegrrl says:

    naughty tortie!!

  15. ThreeWordsFirstWord says:

    I have one just like yours.. they are gorgeous but a little frisky at the vets LOL :0)

  16. kitty5745 says:

    it looks like my exackt tortie

  17. tomgirl128 says:

    my kitty’s a tort!

  18. turquoiseczech1 says:

    lol this reminds me of my bf’s torty when she was a little one ^.^
    too cute! =3

  19. prismacolored says:

    I love how she runs!

  20. Iluvcats4 says:

    My Torti does that every night at 8:00!

  21. zsandmann says:

    I have three torties. I have some videos of them in my channel.

  22. ahmads786 says:

    so cute ive also got a tortie called baby i love her to bits and no one can come between me and her and she makes me laughs so much and she had kittens and i cried when they left

  23. xSeth1054x says:

    My cat Cally is a TortiCallico also :D

  24. jessyquedens says:

    I’ve always been a sucker for torties and calicos. Even had a torticalico–tortie on top and calico on the bottom.

  25. Dragongirl34 says:

    i have one named Kameko.

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