Diary of Abandoned & Disabled Kitten – 18 weeks old

We took Forrest to his vet appointment – he is doing well except for fleas – Arrrrahhgh!! Anyway, Forrest also had worms so everyone had to be treated!! We still our frustrated with his diaper falling off all the time as I no longer tape them around his waist. The problem is Forrest’s irregular waist – it is not formed like a regular cat – it is much smaller. I am sure I will figure out something that works better in the future but for now . . . (sigh) lots of love with tons of cleaning supplies = loved kitten.
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17 Responses to “Diary of Abandoned & Disabled Kitten – 18 weeks old”

  1. JADEAV says:

    Hey Hey!  Stop pulling the kitten away from tie to play with!! It’s trying to play with…. you moron!

  2. ajaco682 says:

    So he can go to the bathroom by himself, but he can’t feel it?

  3. sunibuni7 says:

    if Forrest ever has a bit of trouble with mobility, hes alright now but if he wants to go further afeild he might scrape himself you could try getting him an all-surface mobility cart. He wouldnt need it all the time but if he wanted to go somewhere further, it might help him go faster without huting himself, all i can say is the skin on his bum must be pretty tough!

  4. damien4321 says:

    i like dog not cat i would kill it then eat it yumyum cat

  5. isaac925 says:

    Always a dog watching through the window LOL

  6. mushquatah says:

    He is very healthy other than his disabilities and no he does not have any current problems with either his skin or fur. And yes, he has the sweetest disposition (except when he transforms into a monster – that’s code for playing, LOL).

  7. KrystalFrizz says:

    Does he have any issues with his skin or fur from skidding along on the ground? I am amazed at how quickly he moves! His coat looks nice and shiny, and his eyes are so clear and bright! You’ve done a tremendous job, he’s obviously very healthy, and very happy!

  8. jaclyn9189 says:

    Aw, he doesn’t even notice he has any sort of problem. He’s so talented using just his two limbs!

  9. Erinlass56 says:

    All I can say is you are truly an exceptional person. I love animals so much especially cats. You are so incredible to deal with all the problems and mess & still show so much love to this sweet baby! I love Forrest! He has a chance for a great life because of you.

  10. humanedomain says:

    woah!! he got so big!!! hehe so cute!!! awh his purrrrrrrrr you all are fantastic people – I know the whole flea / worm problem not only goes hand in hand, but is not fun to deal with. God bless you for helping them all. Not many people have the patience to deal with such. Rather human or animal babies. Forrest be a good kitty! ^^

    Thx for the updates!

  11. Elsa2Bud says:

    Oh I can’t wait to see Forrest in the snow! That will be very fun to watch. Have you tried the cat-sock? It’s a long tub thing that covers the end of cat and allows them to sail right allow. The sock catches all the mess. If you would like, I can find the website that carries them.

  12. Rachiewho says:

    you’re such an amazing lady!! i love forest what an adorable kitty. you’re a great momma to him=]] he’s such a lucky kittycat

  13. sillymom says:

    He’s loving the shoe laces playing, that’s cute! He’s getting more & more handsome every week. I wouldn’t be able to give him up either.

  14. RosyB9 says:

    You are such a good mommy to cute little Forrest! :*-)

  15. Elsa2Bud says:

    We Love Forrest!! Good luck with the fleas:-)
    Keep us posted.

  16. GamerGaelle784Kittens says:

    It truly is lucky that we are not sensitive to the 2 felines that live within my room

  17. ZuneAsli says:

    What the hell could be the reason for having a cat whether it are unable to come into your sleeping quarters?

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