Davie – sweet potato baby

at first when I got Davie I had to feed him mashed sweet potatoes with baby food chicken and mix a bit of kitty baby food in because he couldn’t tolerate food otherwise and threw up and had diarrhea. Probably as a result from being taken from his mama too soon, and was probably the runt of his litter but look at him now. Sphynx cats originate as a mix between an accidental hairless kitty and Siamese which they inbred. and he looks just like my David who died. David Died Last night he struggled for his last breath Flailing his arms his paws pushed against my chest grabbing for me with his last bit of strength Disbelief in his eyes — And then they were devoid empty calling out to the doctor “He’s passed already” She looked at his lean slim body “No,” she said, “his rib cage is still moving,” and took out her stethoscope She shook her head, “You’re right,” she’s said. “He’s gone.” Questions along with accusations swim in my head Why didn’t I recognize his symptoms Why didn’t I know I blame myself feel guilty He ate until yesterday today he died in my arms Went about his normal activities I noticed his shallow breathing a week ago but his behavior seemed normal Today he cried out staring in my eyes I saw he was dying The doctor proclaimed he was too far gone nothing could save him My heart isn’t the same I doubt it will ever be again Longing and sad I wait for him sitting at my computer I see his shadow at the periphery of my vision About to jump on my lap He would sit for
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~Read Me~ I’m so sorry about FoxTrail, I had no idea it was only for the class to watch.. But, like I said, I can show you the dumbass science little diarrhea piece of shit. Cx It will come in parts, yes yes, you will learn about them yummy delicious plant and animal cells. Mitochondria mitochondria mitochondria. C8 Mmmm. AND YES, I will be animating a Warriors book, please choose one..~! I’d prefer if you’d not choose Into the Wild, as it’s overanimated and the story now bores me. SO CHOOSE AWAY MY CHILDREN. … Gots to love those mitochondria. Don’t ignore the message at the end, it’s a good one. And LISTEN TO THE F*CKING NIRVANA SONG I TOLD YOU TO IT’S SO SEXY :UI love you. C: SURGEI- IF YOU WATCH THIS, THANK YOU FOR IMITATING KURT COBAIN TODAY, I LOVE IT, I LOVE YOU AND JOHN TOGETHER 8D Inside jokes.
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11 Responses to “Davie – sweet potato baby”

  1. TheTigerwolf55 says:

    Well, I haven’t read Warrior Cats, but I’d still be willing to voice act for you.

  2. jeromesan494 says:

    assisstant director, i don’t know what it requires xD but i’ve got rising storm so i must be of some help, sorry about foxtrail :( thats really ashame

  3. Missxanimie says:

    i really wanna voice act XD! ohh the one with greystripe and silverstream ! i frgt which one it is XD

  4. Missxanimie says:

    i really wanna voice act XD!

  5. DannyHorseRules0607 says:

    I hasn’t read Rising storm, soooooo….
    one .3.
    I’ll try supplying voices (though I has nu talent xU) and stuff. OKEYDOKEY

  6. xxleaftrailxx says:

    :D No problem, I don’t mind doing them. ^^ Just tell me what size in pixels and the basis of what you want it to look like & I shall do my best XD That is when it comes time for you to need backgrounds :D

  7. radioactivemonkey7 says:

    Thanks so freaking much -Huggles- I love you for that, I hate doing backgrounds >U

  8. xxleaftrailxx says:

    Four!!! XD Cool, I can help with backgrounds and voices.

  9. radioactivemonkey7 says:

    Yeah. Cx Rising Storm’s an awesome book. C:

  10. VazlaKat says:

    Animating will be more fun if you animate what you love. So I think you should animate Rising Storm~ o3o

  11. majidebunny says:

    Six That whould be awsome XD
    Though, I’d enjoy anything besides Into the Wild >-< It’s too overdone.

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