Das Kitten: 4 Weeks Old

The kitten I’m adopting.. he’s too young for me to take in yet–he’s only about 4 weeks old (he’s not even old enough for us to be sure he’s a he quite yet). He’s about 5″ long. Maybe. Very, very tiny. He’s still in the process of learning that he has a body and how the darned thing functions. He just figured out how to paw at things, but he still doesn’t know why. :) Also, the fastest he moves in here is the fastest he can go right now.. muscle control will come in a week or two. :) He’s still being fed every 3-4 hours from a tiny little bottle with kitten formula. And he has blue eyes. And I shall love him and call him.. well, I haven’t named him yet, but he shall be my kitty. :D

On June 5, 2010, Dad and I took one of the kittens that was abandoned at the Microtel Hotel parking lot to the Cumberland Valley Veterinary Clinic in Hagerstown, Maryland to have it examined as well as de-wormed and de-flea’ed. Most importantly, we wanted to learn the gender of our newly-adopted little kitten. The vet assistant and Dr. Robert Russon both confirmed…it’s a boy! The assistant prepared a smorgasbord of scientific wet formula and dry food for the famished little kitten.

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  2. TrimClem says:

    Lucky is doing just fine and will turn 2-years old in April 2012. His antics keep my wife and I immeasurably entertained. The following week (12 Jun 2010), I adopted a female kitten of comparable age from the SPCA to keep Lucky company as we had a very sick and elderly cat at home at the time. On 7 Jan 2012, I added another SPCA female cat, 8-month old Thunder, to the family.

  3. Kikirini says:

    Some people are horrible, thinking they can just abandon animals like that… thankfully, there are many more people who know enough to take them to a shelter, like you did. Thank you for saving those babies.

  4. rivnerivne says:


  5. yannpip says:

    wow how can people abandon animals that just makes me pissed off i should go and abandon them too to let them see how bad it is

  6. LOLBUTTPOO says:

    Awwwww cute

  7. 953darkangel says:


  8. meowzer3 says:

    so how is lucky now?

  9. TrimClem says:

    Me named him “Lucky”, which is appropriate considering the circumstances in which we found him (see 3 abandoned kittens in parking lot”. I wish I could have adopted his two siblings but it wasn’t feasible considering we were just beginning our trip to Lancaster, PA.

  10. musiclovingchick6 says:

    He’s adorable! What’s his name?

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