Darwin Kitty Toilet Training.WMV

Here is our Darwin going through the toilet training process. Darwin is almost 4 years old. It would be great not to have the litter box in the house! We are about halfway through training here, where I stacked a training toilet seat on top of Darwin’s litter box, on top a pile of magazines, to eventually get to the same height as the actual toilet.

I trained my cats to use a human toilet in about 8 weeks. It means no mess and fuss cleaning up kitty litter. I used the Litter Kwitter at Toilet Training System.

6 Responses to “Darwin Kitty Toilet Training.WMV”

  1. CampbellxxPisces says:

    Hi Jodi, I’m a Kiwi too XD. How do you get your cats to use only one toilet spot in the whole house? If I don’t have a litterbox in every room, my cats will poop everywhere.

  2. themontyzumachannel says:

    what is it with cats and getting a good sniff of their mess :p

  3. skyaftermath says:

    Dude WhyTF didn’t u stop the cat when he was playin with the toilet water… Impressive vid, but now i think it needs to learns toilet manners… lolz…

  4. anko8aug says:

    thats great now teach the cat to flush the toilet lol it save alot of kitty litters lol!

  5. jodythekiwi says:

    I’m glad you liked it. My cat’s are notorious at work – everyone wants to see the movie! They say you can teach all cats to use the loo and it’s easier the younger they are. And yes I save a fortune on kitty litter!

  6. IntermittentSprocket says:

    That cat stuck its head right down into the bog! LOL I wonder if I can train my kitten to use the bog, kitty litter is expensive.

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