Dare MattG – 12 (Mentos And Coke, Creepy Eyes, The Fall Of The Beard)

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50 Responses to “Dare MattG – 12 (Mentos And Coke, Creepy Eyes, The Fall Of The Beard)”

  1. conkirk01 says:

    the best place to find matt a dog is at a cat shop

  2. xXxMidnightScarsxXx says:

    You shaved .___.

  3. loljoolookfunny says:

    the best place to find matt a friend is timmies

  4. sasukesbunny112 says:

    the best place to find matt a gf is hell

  5. socksmycat22 says:

    pause at 1:16 lol =3

  6. GaarasloveofLee says:

    Yeah XD

  7. xXSkittleUnicornXx says:

    “Gahhhhh i am the Pillow demon,! Lord of All that is soft and fluffy!” Lolololx3

  8. zacharylunsford2 says:

    I dare you to your Phone number

  9. knight949 says:


  10. emobvbgirl21 says:


  11. IAmAKitteh99 says:

    0:55 Seneca crane beard!

  12. zacharylunsford2 says:

    I dare you to be childhood!

  13. IsForeverUntamed says:

    I watch you and I’m like
    “This bitch better be HUGE someday.”

  14. tringlepow9 says:

    @eliilover30 Falling In Reverse. Bryan Stars interview. :3 You, ellilover30, are my new best friend.

  15. lolitatiger says:

    The best place to find Matt a best friend is the Pet Shop. 

  16. EmilyOnTheWeekEnd says:

    his cat is cock eyed…

  17. Samantha Spicer says:

    I would be your friend(:

  18. eliilover30 says:

    The best place to find matt a bendable lamp is upwards flying through volcano tunnels in the rain backwards :D

  19. twixbabie says:

    Say: Eye
    Spell: Map
    Say: Ness  :D Lol that joke is old but i thought of it when you were talking about mike hawk :P lol

  20. TheWolfKenzie says:

    You said upvotes xD Younow isn’t Reddit, Matt.

  21. GAM3RPANDA says:

    He had the awesome hair before jb

  22. RKyoshi says:

    i dare you to creep out and all your freainds by dancing a dance no has invented yet.

  23. RKyoshi says:

    WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG FLORIDA? oh. its because your canadian. -3- DUDE IM GUNNA HUNT YOU DOWN UNTILL YOU TAKE THE FLIORDA THING BACK. if you dont im gunna kill your cat. im seruis bro.

  24. thornwitchgirl says:

    me. you. World of warcraft. now.

  25. Nyan Cat says:

    the best place to find matt a dilldo is 1-800-buttsex… ACTUALLY CALL IT!! Its facking HILLARIOUS!

  26. cd202smith says:

    the cat is so mean to him haha

  27. SaganAppreciationSoc says:

    This needs the audio from the classic fight scene in Star Trek episode “Amok Time”.

  28. RonPaulKingOfLiberty says:

    These are the dogs the media is always demonizing?

  29. selena mcintyre says:

    lol we got 3 pits and people on the street try to get them introble but they cant

  30. thandoo says:

    Who is the ‘Pussy’ here? And who is the ‘DAWG’?

  31. GMT2300 says:

    Ha, ha, ha…What are they supposed to be? Aliens? I like their costumes.

  32. lebothi24 says:


  33. supermurloc64 says:

    Arg! it’s Cathulu and Dogon!

  34. isaachaze1 says:

    lmao, let me check out that stupid ass costume you’re wearing!

    hey dumbass, you’re wearing the same costume! i’m going to knock you upside the head!

  35. criq9323col says:

    se qeu no es qeu sea muy correcto jugar mucho con los animales pero al fin y al cabo no le estas haciendo daño son muy chistosos

  36. AllAboutMopars says:

    Your animals are hillarious/adorable however, I sense you may have a little too much free time…

  37. kimjeongyun says:

    probably why DOGS are man’s best friend

  38. TheNickyNL says:

    thats a mean kitty…. xD

  39. ashleypurrs says:

    Hahaha! Love!! :D

  40. leehalloran says:

    lol poor sharky…all he wants to do is join in the fun….and moggy aint having none of it…LEAVE ME ALONE!! :-)

  41. MrJohn1966elliott says:

    Very funny and I cry and laugh lots. Your cat is cute, Throw punch to Poor Dog.

  42. eevagirl says:

    Very funny those 2!

  43. ducatidoc says:

    I am always laughing when i see these two, LOL! Max’s mojo gets a huge boost when he’s on that Roomba it’s hilarious to see, I’m sure he’s thinking: “I AM ROBOCAT AND I AM UNSTOPPABLE!!!” I would love to see the Street Fighter theme added to this and with the start of the encounter with “FIGHT!”

  44. GemelleKessler1 says:

    They are so adorable!!!

  45. jonspajamas says:

    Haha! I love these two!

  46. BrunoHarvelot says:

    Kung fu cat !!!

  47. SergioTyurin says:

    Ahahahahaha )))))))))))))))

  48. LA2TIGRE4VOLANTE says:


  49. kanruthai21 says:

    they are very cute…. wow!!! 

  50. MultiMarkle says:

    I got such a good laugh out of this!! This looks like a ‘Tron’ spoof! The kitty didn’t look too fond of the dog, either!! Thanks for the video, TexasGirly!

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