Cuter Than Surprized Kitty!!! Baby Kitten & Baby Bunny Friends!!!

Baby Kitten & Baby Bunny Friends – Starring the famous youtube kitten “Amelia Badelia” from “Cute Kitten Loves Her Bunny”. Amelia went from abandoned kitten left for dead at 3 weeks old, to spoiled youtube star. Amelia’s video has been requested for use by Animal Planet, the creator of Puss N Boots, and a video production company. Check out my channel to see more videos of Amelia, and the other animals that live at my home with her.

4 Responses to “Cuter Than Surprized Kitty!!! Baby Kitten & Baby Bunny Friends!!!”

  1. BrajanJair01 says:

    Kitten- lemmy lick you!
    Bunny- get tf off! -_-

    Haha adorable!

  2. AngelaMae94 says:

    Beautiful and adorable

  3. shelbyolson777 says:

    Yes, he was about 5 months old.

  4. hockeykid560 says:

    Was that bunny real

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