cute kitty steals toilet paper

Our kitty, Hazel loves paper. Jackpot when she found the roll of toilet paper in the bathroom.
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My weird cat being herself. And hating her new collar.
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14 Responses to “cute kitty steals toilet paper”

  1. psalm121psalm135 says:

    Hahaha, I love how she waddles :D So cute!

  2. iiiprogressive says:

    hazel is one crazy dude hahaha

  3. nguyenamyn says:

    I stopped her so she wouldn’t unroll the whole thing. the next day, we were in the living room and she came out with the toilet paper in between her legs again. this time, she almost unrolled the whole roll.

  4. ialwaysrofl says:

    1 person is a dog lover!

  5. TheCarolCreates says:

    Yup, this cat’s on a roll. I see it was really, really very hard to keep this under wraps. Carol

  6. AwesomeChicx3x says:


  7. driftaway59 says:

    SWEET……I’m secretly toilet papering the house………hahahahaha!!! Just too cute :)

  8. SarraShepherd says:

    awwww that’s sooo cute!!!! =D

  9. amystreasures says:

    silly kitty. :D 

  10. Tabbix says:

    LOL Where did she go with it?

  11. iTzo0CRAZY0o says:


  12. gwendelk says:

    Very cute. I love how they walk when they’re carrying something awkward like that. :-)

  13. CVRealMan says:

    My god that cat is cute!

  14. delano88888 says:

    Where is Hazel going with that?

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