CUTE KITTENS NEEDED! – Amnesia: Custom Story – Part 1 – House of Creep 3

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50 Responses to “CUTE KITTENS NEEDED! – Amnesia: Custom Story – Part 1 – House of Creep 3”

  1. soso zamel says:

    if you scard you see cats pic?

  2. soso zamel says:

    o my god how do you play things like that?! is i play it i will die

  3. RainbowrificPanduhxD says:

    lol :) felix kjellberg -3

  4. KayProductions10 says:

    Hey! Is you’re name Aussie? This is Kaylie…
    If you’re Aussie, what website did we talk on? :3

  5. thegamerboy75 says:

    shut up… stupid barrel

  6. AlexTehGr8 says:

    That makes no sense, since he originally wasn’t “youtube famous” but him being funny and entertaining MADE him youtube famous. Your argument is invalid, sorry.

  7. Riley Powers says:

    i should get it in my head that everytime he sees a barrel he will scream it but it still scares me O.O xD

  8. Dervish6 says:

    It’s not because he’s famous we watch him; it’s because we enjoy watching he is.

  9. chinafan123 says:


  10. chinafan123 says:


  11. Joco Serrano says:

    Best ending ever

  12. Joco Serrano says:



    89 people hate cute kittens

  14. akamaru021 says:

    we all do <3

  15. akamaru021 says:

    Just telling the truth haha :P

  16. TheInvisibleSorbet says:

    I actually love you man, that was the best reply ever <3

  17. KainKiller1993 says:


  18. Drekhikarux says:

    I want Amnesia so bad! 

  19. evmuketa34521 says:

    Oh don’t worry my neighbors hate me too… I scream alot

  20. EarthshiftF2 says:

    like the same way no one cares about you?
    OH ! im so mlg .

  21. IHateYou12342 says:

    How the hell do you think he became a famous Youtuber? You stupid son of a bitch.

  22. ShotgunHR says:

    and I too, share his hatred for barrels.

  23. LilleAnanas says:


  24. Le'pep Coleman says:

    Even if he is a nerd, I love him and his girlfriend is hot

  25. Firdaus Shahreen says:

    88+ people are FUCKING BARRELS.

  26. Roblox54321 says:

    catsies i never heard catsies

  27. Adinda Safira says:

    Its real

  28. KennaWUVV says:

    Haha mee too((:

  29. deadledhed says:

    0:12 cant breath to funny!

  30. 176Anime says:

    Give me a thumbs up if you sang along with Morgan!


  31. icarla2 says:

    2:55 XD

  32. slowanpainful says:

    there sooo cute

  33. noob4253 says:

    Emma’s Words of Wisdom!

  34. Cr4zyCh1ld23 says:


  35. betty483 says:

    i love all these kids maaaaaaaan :D

  36. raoulnese says:

    I love Lia :D

  37. MCjesperFC says:


  38. Firenadialol says:


  39. amylove122011 says:

    i love emma wise words

  40. Jex2112 says:

    Cats can play piano… as long as it is left on

  41. bradstermufc11 says:


  42. annabelle707132 says:

    “what the the kitty is playing a piano!!!” lol Zach

  43. mollyjbrooke says:

    Q: Real cat, or puppet?
    My A: Real cat being used as puppet, poor thing.

  44. olimarel1 says:

    morgan is just so funny


  45. kbleja says:


  46. MadTheYoshi says:

    More episodes please =D

  47. 0Saynin0 says:

    i liked the part where i subscribed

  48. getouttamylawn says:

    it’s a keyboard! not a piano!

  49. VideoGameProdictions says:

    Well maybe the cats need to cloths so they don’t go to a store NAKED!

  50. Robotruste12 says:

    The cat is real look to the eyes

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