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kitten sounds

Image by Wolfie Rankin
This is our old cat, Splinter.

He was named, as fans would know,
after the rat in "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles".

Splinter lived with us when we had
Laddie, and he would drive poor Laddie nuts.

Laddie liked things just so, and then
Splint would come along and go nuts.

Laddie found Splinter as a kitten and
the two got on very well.

Splinter and Timothy… another cat,
got into trouble one night, I caught them
in the kitchen playing socker with stolen apples from the tree next door.

there was a bumping sound which kept me awake… so I went out there to
sort it out, yelled at them and threw
their apples away.

ten minutes later it started again with
more stolen apples.

One day I watched as Tim went up the
tree and stole more.

Splinter got to know Benny very well
after Laddie passed away, and lived
with Benny most of his life.

One year Splinter got sick, and it turned
out to be feline AIDS… he was treated
and lived well for one year, but died the

It’s an awful disease, and there’s a
vaccine for it now, so please see your
vet about this before your cat gets it.

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