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Such beautiful girls! [22AUG08: FloorPlay @ Club NL Amsterdam (Opening Night!)]
kitten shots

Image by Agitproper
Here’s the proverbial "baker’s dozen" pretty girl shots from the Opening Night of FloorPlay
Featuring: Nick K, Paul Sparkes and Schaamteloos DJs [Monthly at Club NL]

Party: FloorPlay
Venue: Club NL
Coverage by: Waking up in Amsterdam!

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Look Out My Window
kitten shots

Image by Samantha Decker
I was all set to take a shot of my window when Casey jumped in. I figured what the heck and took a few shots with him in them! I have discovered that the secret to good "window" photography is not HDR (you would need too much of a range than most cameras will do automatically), but rather bounce flash. This worked really well with my 10-22, since I managed to keep the reflections of the light from the ceiling off the window. I used a polarizing filter for good measure, and still had to clone myself out of the picture a little bit.

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Hurry (Looking) Up
kitten shots

Image by cobalt123
Gotta grab these quick shots, even if they are a little fuzzy. Oh wait, Hurry IS a "little fuzzy".

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