Cute Kitten Food photos

Adorable kitten food pics I found:

Another Teachable Moment . . .
kitten food

Image by elycefeliz
These days, when the kittens want to nurse, Viva will often get up and walk over to the food area – probably to demonstrate where & how they are supposed to eat. Which, of course, they already know, because everyone has been eating solid food for weeks. In this picture, Lucky Jack and Yoda decide to nurse while Mama eats dinner . . .

Watch Viva‘s kittens continue to grow and develop (and look for new homes) in Looking for Love: Part 6

toupee love
kitten food

Image by splityarn
One of Teek’s favourite toys is a little piece of black fun fur. We call it The Toupee. He carries it everywhere. We usually find it in the food bowl.

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