Cute Kitten Food photos

Fluffy kitten food photos:

can you spot the spot?
kitten food

Image by damselfly58- settling in but using wi fi. very slo
tilly always has this tiny black spot in the middle of her nose. it is a dirt mark. she never manages to clean it off. not sure if it is from sniffing her food (oh god forbid, i hope its not from sniffing someone elses butt!?!?!?) or if it is just from generalised sticky beaking.

Two-headed Cat
kitten food

Image by dkjd
Kinky and Popoki. Yes, I had to put a bowl of food in front of the camera for them to come over.

Saima marking
kitten food

Image by cats marcoff
She’s "burying" her food, or marking the area with scent from her paws.

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