Cute Kitten Food photos

Adorable kitten food pics I found:

Waif Kitty
kitten food

Image by Mr. Greenjeans
A new little kitty has shown up at the food bowl!!!! Very playful and cute as the dickens, but also very feral…we haven’t even been able to touch him yet, although he has been coming a little closer!

Sorry for the poor picture quality, but these are all maximum zoom shots using a flash…just couldn’t get any closer….

kitten food

Image by Ruthieki
We’re fostering Lulu in our apartment for a week in hopes that she’ll make a dent in our mouse population. She was begging for extra food tonight, but we said "NO! Go eat a mouse!"

kitten food

Image by aJ GAZMEN ツ GucciBeaR
He thinks he’s not getting enuf attention from M & me =[
KOGA is on a suLking mood…
As tyra banks on atm wouLd say,
"He’s not even giving me ‘any umph’ for this picture."

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