Cute Kitten Feeding photos

Check out these kitten feeding:

White Doves
kitten feeding

Image by Mink
I had put the kitten in with the doves last night to keep it out of trouble. I went in early this morning to feed it and scared all the birds. Meoww! Big cat is here.

Ferals Waiting Lined Up
kitten feeding

Image by Feral Indeed!
Early in the morning the traps are delivered by people like us who feed the wild ones around town, and trap them when we can.
They’ll be returned to their colonies later in the afternoon.
Their lives will be less violent. There won’t be so many unwanted kittens and cats in the community anymore.

Heaven Can Wait
Spay Our Strays
Petsmart Adoptions

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  1. CatsPhia77 says:

    Not long ago i obtained a microfiber lounger as well as loveseat along with my cat Jakob has virtually no interest in scratching it

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